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Friday 30 August 2019

Stone Cold Lead paints our Crystal Elves

I will admit to being in somewhat in a state of awe at the brush stroke talents of Simon Bradley known online as 'Stonecoldlead' and we were fortunate enough for him to put paint to metal on some of our miniatures. You can check out his work in full on his Facebook PAGE if you wish. 

We have a great many 28mm high fantasy miniatures at Alternative Armies and this includes the Empire of the Crystal Elves (forerunners of the Elves of Armorica in Flintloque) a regime of elegant and decadent High Elves great for any game system. Here are the pictures we have from Simon's collection

From left to right:  CE15 Dismounted Dragoons (Bowmen and Officer), CE18-01 Crystal Elf Duellist, CE2 Crystal Sorceress, CE11 Guard Infantry (two Pikemen) and CE10-01 Guard Officer.

Now that is some remarkable brush work. 

There is a book in the works at Alternative Armies just now titled 'En Garde' which features the Crystal Elves and will be a stand alone duelling game which links the Darke Age of Valon to the time of Flintloque. Some of these pictures will feature in the book which is being written by Steven Danes Furioso, Doom Squad and Sengoku Monster Hunter and Gavin Syme: DarkeStorme, Erin, Typhon, Escape the Dark Czar with artwork by Sam Croes and Edward Jackson.  All books in print HERE and digital downloads HERE.  More on this later in the year but soon...Sengoku Monster Hunter Rampage! 

Have a great weekend and we will see you all again in September...wondrous things to come... 


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