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Friday 15 November 2019

Count Kustosov and Madame Boniface free game insert for Flintloque

During November 2019 (and into December) we are putting a free Vampire into every order shipped out from us automatically as a bonus gift.  This Vampire is Count Valdimir Kustosov and while he will serve fine purpose in any 28mm game system or collection his actual use is in the World of Valon as an officer in the Army of the Dark Czar.  We present a free article giving you game rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo for this character plus after requests this year game rules for the infamous Madame Boniface too.  Oh and an insert for the Ghostly Bride too.  Enjoy!

You can find 55017 Count Valdimir Kustosov on our website along with 5005J Madame Boniface.  These are great 28mm character miniatures.

The Vampire and the Madame – Uniformation Article.
A one page insert for use in Flintloque and Slaughterloo which gives you rules and background for the Distrusted Son of Czarlingrad and Moskova's new Babe which fits right into 5027 Death in the Snow and 5030 Slaughterloo.  Hosted on our website just click to DOWNLOAD this article.

Ghostly Bride – Uniformation Article. 
A one page free file hosted by Alternative Armies which gives you some background as well as game statistics and special rules for this miniature in Flintloque and in Slaughterloo. A great read which also has suggestions and a scenario seed too. CLICK HERE to download it from our website.  See the miniature HERE.

This is our last news before the start of the Winter Mega Event 2019 on Monday 18th November...oh what an event it will be...wait and see...

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