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Friday 29 November 2019

Sekmet Assault Rig 6mm mecha kits released by Bradley Miniatures

It is my delight to present to you the new releases in 6mm from Bradley Miniatures.  In fact in my opinion this is one of the best models in the expanding range with masses of build options.  Gentlemen...the Sekmet Assault Rig!  Go HERE for the range or read on for more beginning with a short fiction snippet written by this mecha's designer Lawrence Hitze.

The side of the administration building shattered and blew out in a cascade of masonry, bricks sloughing off of the Sekhmet's armored hull like a bow wave as the machine charged through the wrecked building. The abrupt impact didn't slow the assault rig enough to even jolt Sergeant Morres in his combat harness, not that he would have noticed the discomfort in any case. No sooner was their 'rig was through the deluge of masonry than it was replaced by the sound of small impacts like hail on a tin roof. 

“Contact, we have them!” called Belkaries's voice from the pilot harness just in front of Morres. The Pakh pilot's scaly ears were just visible over his console, twitching to and fro in excitement. Morres shared her eagerness to finally close with one of the marauding Kartel bands that were looting the dead capital city. Before the final wisps of dust brushed past the canopy and its sensor ports, Morres's eyes flicked back and forth, tagging contacts as the sensors found them. In the broad avenue before them, the war band's vehicles were spread out in chaotic battle line. The thunderous approach of the assault rig had given them some time to bring their weapons to bear, but not enough. 

Morres performed reverse triage, prioritizing the heaviest vehicles to appear and highlighting the biggest threats on Belkaries's own holodisplay. A lone Kartel skirmishing truck was highlighted last, almost too close under the 'rig's snout to be picked up. Its small cannon slewed right at it spewed a stream of high density slugs at the machine's belly. A hunting snarl erupted from the pilot station as Belkaries twisted in her harness, turning the 'rig's next stride into a hasty kick. Well over one hundred tons of armored cleat plowed into the side of the truck, sending the stricken vehicle cartwheeling over the broken pavement in an expanding halo of debris and fire.

In the same heartbeat Morres manipulated his own control gauntlets, setting his targeting sights over a heavier eight-axled Kartel vehicle tearing across the far side of the clearing. Pulling the firing studs on his gauntlets triggered the 90mm autocannons nestled in racks on each side of the Sekhmet's torso. The last bits of dust and debris from the collapse of the admin building were blastsed away, replaced by a new bow wave of fire and thunder erupting from the cannons. Hypervelocity tracers streaked across the short distance, slamming into the ramshackle armor of the Kartel eight-rad's flank. The vehicle shuddered as armor shattered and blew apart. Several more rounds walked across the front axles, punching through the wheels and peeling them off their mounts. The eight-rad plunged forward helplessly as it listed drunkenly to the side. A moment later the ruined axles struck the ground, bringing the vehicle to a catastrophic halt, it's ruined armor collapsing inward and igniting the store of munitions within. Morres couldn't help but echo his pilot's howl of glee as they plunged into the center of the panicking enemy formation.

Yes, this was going to be a lovely day....

Each Sekmet stands around 50mm tall when assembled and comes with eighteen different weapons as well as different posed arms and hands plus pistol grip piece allowing most weapons to also be hand held.  There are two different codes each is the same except for the leg pose meaning your mecha can be walking or running.  Our example builds in the pictures are just a couple of dozens that could be created.

BR028A Sekmet Assault Rig Walking
Composed of a high quality resin torso and set of walking legs as well as eighteen different weapons, two choices of arms and three different hands plus two pistol mounts in metal. Big Missile Pods, Big Cannons, Small Missile Racks, Energy Cannons and machine guns.

BR028B Sekmet Assault Rig Running
Composed of a high quality resin torso and set of running legs as well as eighteen different weapons, two choices of arms and three different hands plus two pistol mounts in metal. Big Missile Pods, Big Cannons, Small Missile Racks, Energy Cannons and machine guns.

As you can see the Sekmet towers over all the other vehicles in the range such as the Tiger Walker, the T47 Tank and the Ironclad super heavy tank.

Bradley Miniatures continues to expand its 6mm science fiction range and will keep doing so into next year.  Go HERE and see what is in the range such as infantry, bikes, walkers, light vehicles, tanks, super heavy tanks, transports and a drop ship.

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