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Thursday, 9 June 2022

Legion de Nain Dwarf divisions new for Slaughterloo

It gives us great delight to announce not only two more Divisional Army Packs (DAP's) added to the Slaughterloo mass battle selection (making more than twenty to choose from each saving 15% off single purchases) but also the conclusion of the Legion de Nain army project! Go HERE for the Confederation of Finkelstein and HERE for the black powder big battle sister of Flintloque. 

Slaughterloo uses the exact same miniatures as Flintloque with the same basing conventions except that instead of sections of characters it is ranks in units to make a division. While some skirmish players do not move onto battle level play many do once they have infantry as well as cavalry, command and artillery. Each of the two new divisions contains two units of 20 Legion de Nain Line as well as 20 Legion de Nain Grenadiers and 12 Legion de Nain Skirmishers. They have 10 Uhlan Lancers and a 6 miniature gun crew plus 2 limber beasts and 1 mounted Commander. Lastly 4 Legion de Nain casualties, 1 Ferach Grand Howitzer with Limber as well as all the needed infantry and cavalry bases. You save 15% off single miniature prices and while 52604 Legion de Nain Dwarf Division has Pummilig Pigs the other 52605 Legion de Nain Dwarf Division has Boars as mounts. 

Here are both divisions laid out with all their content miniatures (bases not shown). Every Dwarf is a character in his own right with eight poses for each infantry unit and all gunners, commander and casualties being different poses for each miniature supplied. Lovely! 
If you decide to move into Slaughterloo you can get its mighty book (the biggest ever made for the World of Valon) in print and as a digital download too. Every warring nation has its own 'DAP' which will get you on the table and indeed is suitable to be broken up for Flintloque sections too as some players do to gain the saving. Alternative Armies manufactures all of its miniatures and also sells many thousands of them hand painted by our ladies here in Scotland every year. 
The image above shows 51600 Ferach Elf Catalucia DAP painted and sold to one of our customers. Our pricing is very reasonable for good tabletop quality and includes the miniature, the painting, the base, scenic basing effect and if desired any typical varnish finish. All shipped securely packed across the world. If you would like to get a quote contact us on 
These are all of our releases for Flintloque and Slaughterloo this month. Free resources will be happening next week. 
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