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Tuesday 26 July 2022

Dark Elf Colour Party released and remastered Line and Gunners for Flintloque

“The Catalucian Army is split in two. Since Mordred signed the Treaty of Friendship with Mordred, many imperial regiments have flocked to the Elven banner. However, others still remain loyal to their King, and fight on the side of the now Grand Alliance. Years of neglect have left the Dark Elf army weak and disorganised. The Junta Council struggles to pay them, food is scarce, and but for a few notable exceptions, their training is almost non-existent. Keeping any form of cohesion and discipline within the ranks is near impossible. The Duke of Wheeling-Turn believes the normal Line Infantry to be incapable of standing their ground, and recent performances have provided proof that his belief has a solid foundation. It has to be said though that the Dark Elves have beaten the Ferach on a few occasions and they tie down a lot of Armoricans in tracking them down.”
The World of Valon is a huge miniature range encompassing Flintloque as well as Slaughterloo and other titles set in the game world. Alternative Armies mantains not only new releases for the range but also remolding and remastering too across the twenty plus armies of the Mordredian Wars. While we do not tend to publically state this regular process we do on occasion and today is such a day. Alongside four brand new Dark Elves we have re-mastered the original line trooper poses and the gun crew too. Plus a line officer from an original code. The sun is shining here and in Catalucia despite the Ferach Empire. Go to the Dark Elves of Catalucia or read on for this month's entire Flintloque news. 
For players of Slaughterloo we have 51521 Dark Elf Line with offers a unit of 20 with a saving or a section of 10 plus single trooper option. Composed of the new 51053 pack plus multiples of the troopers in the 51018 pack. As with all World of Valon codes we provide our resin cartouche style bases included for free. 
The new colour party sculpted by Sam Croes using the same parts as the original 51018 Regimenta del Nino Cisco so that the officer in a dashing pose of pistol and sword (excellent for duelling too) as well as the drummer, standard bearer and sergeant with a nasty halberd fit right in with the re-mastered troopers. Alongside the choice of single poses now in 51018 this is also the case in 51053 Dark Elf Colour Party too. 

As many long time customers know we often make new Flintloque releases from our 'asked list' with those things most requested being brought into miniature life ongoing. A command section for the Dark Elf Line was such an ask as was an officer to be used in many roles. 51007C Dark Elf Line Officer is the result. Taken from the original 51007 pack and remastered. 
51515 Dark Elf Artillery Crew: There is not as much in the way of guns among the Dark Elves as there is for the Army of Albion or the Ferach Empire to be sure but those crews who serve do tend to do so now much more well than before. Learning and surviving has led to nimble gunners. Remastered this artillery crew contains six poses of officer (51007c), gunner with musket plus gunners carrying ball, rammer, trailspike and match. Two limber horses are included. You can choose from the pack or a pair of horses on their own or a single random gunner. 
Our Summer Mega Event Month is August this year and we will tell you about that later this week. For now remember you get ALT007 Alternia Black Powder free in every order shipped automatically (she makes an excellent Dark Elf Guerilla leader we are told) worth 2.50GBP and we want to say that during August there will be a free full sized (solo and two player) Flintloque scenario. Titled “Led by the Reigns damned by the Hoof” this scenario sees a company of Regimenta Nino Cisco along with a field gun and Orc officer having to fend off a cloud of Elf Dragoons until night and safety arrives. As always it will be a free PDF and we will announce it. 

Lastly our current Deals and Offers selection which changes on 1st August contains several excellent codes for Flintloque and Slaughterloo. Get 20% off all the units of Ogre Cavalry such as KGL Dragoons, Hunvarian Lancers, Hunvarian Guard all on Rhinos. Well worth a browse. This is our last release for the month and we thank you for your support. 

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