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Thursday, 28 July 2022

Summer Mega Event begins 1st August read on...

Not long now....

As the month draws towards its close and now that we have made all of our releases and news it is time to hint at what is coming in August. Perhaps you can guess from the picture. Yes...its..Summer Mega Event 2022! For the entire of next month we will be holding one of our few big offer, big releases events each year. 

Full details of the event and its releases and news will be published on the 1st alongside the next brand new Alternia monthly free miniature. We will have new releases for Flintloque, for The Ion Age, for High Fantasy, for USEME, for HOF 15mm Sci-fi, HOT 15mm Fantasy and also for Asgard classic fantasy and 6mm scale too. There will be a free full size Flintloque scenario and more. A whole month of tabletop fun with so much awesome you will be sick of hearing from us no doubt....joking! 
However until then we would like to, in addition of giving advance notice of the event, extend an invitation to make use of the event discount at checkout. We are always fair at Alternative Armies so the event automatic 20% discount is live now and automatic at checkout. Until 1st August the current Deals and Offers stand alongside the New Releases if you wish an early treat for yourself plus ALT007 Alternia Black Powder for free. 
As always our team here in Scotland thanks you for your custom, your loyalty and your enthusiasm. 

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