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Thursday, 1 September 2022

September 2022 and Alternia Steampunk free in all orders this month

Nine months in!  Yes the ninth of twelve brand new free 28mm scale mascot Alternia's is here.  Every package sent out from here in Scotland will have ALT009 Alternia Steampunk included for free. Place your order, as many as you wish and she will automatically be included. Any size of order the only exception is no digital only orders; as long as it is shipped it gets the free miniature. Ends 1st October 2022 for ALT009. See our mascot Alternia range on the WEBSITE

This month our lady of Alternative Armies was inspired by a genre of miniatures we have not really touched upon but we felt was rather fitting.  Ladies can lug around giant wrenches just as well as any man can so in an alternate history which features boilers and vessels, mechanical marvels and rivets here she is! Supplied in one piece metal Alternia wears an open military style great coat and a stovepipe hat complete with goggles.  She holds an open pocket watch and an arrow headed staff or tool. A great miniature for collecting, painting or using in a 19th century imagi-nations game. 

This ninth incarnation joins the previous which are on the website for purchase as single miniatures. The Highlander, the Landsknecht, the Erin lady, the Easter Girl, the Future Warrior, Knight of The Ion Age, Black Powder and Beach Huntress. There are now a total of ten including the very first original high fantasy pose. 

Taking an eye glass to our ranges we thought that the AS003 Cyborg Enslaver could easily fit into a steampunk setting as a mechanical servant or bodyguard.  From the Reluctant Brigands pack FL26-01 makes a fine henchman or robber.  Lastly the mighty HOF142 Mecha X1 with its humanoid head (rather than the saucer shaped one which suits space opera) suits a 90mm tall creation of iron and coal.

Alternative Armies News for September 2022 

Due to the death of her highness the late Queen Elizabeth II on the 8th September and the period of shock and official mourning which has followed Alternative Armies has rightly changed and reduced the original plan for this month.  Releases meant for September will now come in October 2022.  The company will recommence news on Wednesday 21st September for the following. 

We have three lots of remastered and returned Asgard 28mm miniatures in the FM Fantasy range which will see us well into the FM30's.  This work is continuing well and we hope to get more re-releases each month until years end.  The HOT 15mm Fantasy range will see a resumption of the Savage Lizardmen army and its growth.  USEME series will get another complete starter set of miniatures, booklet, scenarios and so forth with a saving too; look out for 'Compound Interest'.  

As always our greatest value codes are to be found on our DEALS AND OFFERS pages for 5% to 50% off on products some of which change every month plus all the big value sets for our game systems are all held there.

As always if you have any questions or would like to make a suggestion or ask if we can restore or release something you are looking for then contact us on and we will do our best to assist you. 

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