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Tuesday 10 October 2023

Hobby Time: Wargrunt Art’s take on HOT27 Griffin 15mm and a wee conversion

Shared kindly with permission from the photos of Wargrunt Art over on Facebook their take not only on the HOT27 Griffen but also a wee conversion of the saddled version which normally mounts an Elf Hero and has rather a 16th Century Renaissance rider upon it. 
A useful creature for any game system and a favourite for Elf Armies in rules such as HOTT 2nd Edition this is a natural take on the Griffen done by Wargrunt Art. Here is an all angles view. 

You can follow Wargrunt Art on their Facebook Page. This three piece metal 15mm Monster is 30mm tall when assembled. It is one of many monsters in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range which has over 160 different packs all of which have a ‘sampler’ option. 
HOT117 Elf Hero on Griffen gives you a rider upon the creature which is complete with a saddle and reins. It gives you the option on page to purchase the pack or the rider or mount in its own. Wargrunt Art decided upon a Human rider and who knew that MRC12 French Gendarme meant for a horse would fit on the monster’s back no problem! It looks lovely and well done! 

The range contains many choices of 15mm High Elves including a Hero on Griffen or on Wyvern alongside artillery, eagle riders, chariot, cavalry, foot and mounted command and many types of infantry too. 
Thank you for attention and our thanks to Wargrunt too! 
GBS (Gavin Syme)

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