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Monday 4 December 2023

Last Posting Date 2023 and Winter Mega Event finishing

The Christmas season is underway and the big days and holidays approach fast. A quick message from Alternative Armies to let you know our last posting dates for 2023 as well as that our Winter Mega Event ends in 48 hours time plus our December 2023 painted in stock update. 
Friday 15th December is our last shipping date for orders internationally and essentially for domestic UK packages too. As we do every year any orders not ready in time for this date will be held by us until after the new year to avoid any possibility of ‘loss in the system’ which, while rare, is sad when it happens. We will add a wee extra gift in any of these ‘held’ orders themed to what was ordered. We are always fair. If you wish to ask about the status of your order then contact us on with your name and order number. We are happy to help. 

The biggest event of the year ends shortly at 9pm UK time 6th December 2023. If you fancy a treat then head on over to the website and browse. We will do our best to get all orders out as quickly as we can. Winter Mega Event has two days to go.  See all the detail and releases of the event on our BLOG in one place.
Our team of ladies here in Scotland has updated our Painted in Stock array of miniatures. Ready to use painted and based figures done by hand from across our ranges. Flintloque and Slaughterloo as well as Ion Age (28mm and 15mm) plus Erin Celtic Myth and High Fantasy. We also have some HOTT 2nd edition Armies and painted starter sets for Laserburn and Patrol Angis too. Most items are stock level one and what you see is what you are buying. Honest prices and tabletop quality. See the pages at the bottom of the left hand menu of the website. 

It has been a very busy year filled with new releases and restored classics as many ranges expanded and some popped back into existence. See our New Releases for the last twelve months of action. Have a dig through and see if you missed anything. Over 200 codes covering 28mm, 15mm, 6mm and many genres of Fantasy, Sci-fi and others. 
Lastly a wee mention of the Flowers of Evil. Until 8th January 2024 you get EH08 Flower of Evil II free in all shipped orders automatically (totally free and you need do nothing but order anything which is physically shipped). This free model came about from requests to follow up on EH01 Flower of Evil which was free a couple of years ago. See them in our Deals and Offers page. 
Thank you for all your custom and best wishes from the Team here at Alternative Armies

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