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Tuesday 20 February 2024

Free Solo Play Flintloque Scenario: House on the Hille...

“Use your Loaf...if you can.”

A brand new full size scenario for Flintloque has been uploaded to our Free Downloads Page on the website and here too.  It joins a growing array of newer Flintloque resources going back to 2016 and the huge zipped folders of older material which you can find at the foot on the Free Downloads page.  Enjoy!

House on the Hille: Solo full size scenario for Flintloque.  There is an intact oven left in the hands of the Al-Garvey Goblins and the Ferach Armee wants it?  It belongs to a farmer whose little house is next to it upon a hill.  Luckily the 18th Foote has gotten there first but can a combined force of Elf Lancers and Legion de Nain Dwarves dislodge them in time to gain bread for their fellows? Scenario includes unique rules, setting, map, force compositions, two play bolt on, expanding the adventure, designers notes as well. DOWNLOAD HERE.

We were asked if we could put the photos of miniatures used in the scenario full size on our blog.  Certainly and here they are above.  Click to make them much larger.

This is our last World of Valon news for February 2024.

Thanks for Reading.

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