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Tuesday 6 February 2024

Giant Tick free in shipped orders until 5th March 2024

A new incarnation of a classic 1980’s monster sculpted by Nick Bibby for Asgard is free automatically in shipped orders from Alternative Armies

Until 5th March 2024 the Giant Tick is put in all packages leaving Alternative Armies.  As many orders as you like and all that is required is that your order needs physical dispatch (no download only orders sorry).

FM62R Giant Tick:  A one piece resin monster suitable for any scale of gaming with a total length of 20mm. Our example is painted by the talented Studio Maxi who have put brush to miniature on loads of the models we make. Taken from the Asgard Fantasy Range (FM).  Use it in fantasy wargaming, dungeon crawls or even post apoc wastelands.

Here you can see the Giant Tick alongside some others for scale.  HOT1 Dwarf King for 15mm scale.  EH05 Giant Arachnid from our Monsters and Creatures Range.  A Pucci Warrior from our 28mm Erin Celtic Myth Range and the Western Orc Wizard from the venerable Fantasy Warlord Range.

Deals and Offers of 5% to 50% off regular prices are now on the website.  These offers are added to all of the Value Sets, Platoons, Core Forces and more which are always there from every range.  The added ones will change once more at the start of March 2024 when the Tick ends as free.  Now you can save on Elf Line Infantry, Library Barricade, Space Marine, Norc the Fomorian Hero, Scimitar Monster and others in 28mm.  In 15mm now is Automata Infantry, the Griffin, Big Mouth Beast and more.  For 6mm scale BR030 Pilgrim Heavy Tank is there.

(Painted by Studio Maxi the mighty 24000 Western Orc Hero)

February will see the restoration of one of the largest models in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range as well as the re-release of a classic 15mm Tabletop Fantasy Dragon not seen in decades.  Flintloque will have new a character miniature sculpted by Nikki Chatwin adding to the Todoroni of Nepolise plus a free full size scenario for the game.  There will be new 15mm miniatures for Furioso English Civil War too.  We have remolded the FL11 Wizards Party and will have new pictures painted by Studio Maxi.  Our Painted in Stock array is being updated and there will be news on that.  Lastly hobby articles by Kev Moon on Erin Celtic Myth and Wolfliche on 15mm Asgard miniatures.  Oh and around Valentines Day a 50% off offer on a Beast of lore which is currently being molded up.  All to come in our Feb News!

Thanks for Reading.

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