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Friday, 20 June 2014

All About Alternative Armies New Website

We have completed our move from our old website (which served us finely for a decade and saw literally tons of white metal pass through it) to our spanking new website.  While we will continue to offer the same great service, friendly communications and excellent miniatures and game systems there are some aspects of this new site that even the Flintloque faithful may want given to them in greater detail.  So keep on and take in the new features and changes.

Flintloque and Slaughterloo 
During the build of this new website one of the biggest changes was in the presentation and listing of the thousand codes that make up The World of Valon.  That is everything for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Instead of the two separate game systems split into skirmish and then unit sized packs on their own pages they are now combined into one mighty scroll of pages.  Pages arranged by firstly books and then limited codes but then by nation such as the Elves of Armorica.  Within each nation every code possible is listed and here is how.  Firstly by Divisional Army Pack (biggest saving and a whole Slaughterloo division in a box ready to go) then by any boxed sets or specials.  Then the bulk of the codes which are listed by their pure number (such as 51501 Le'Esprit du Garde) and within that product page a choice of firstly a skirmish set, then a unit box or a single trooper booster giving maximum flexibility.  There are savings for purchasing a unit and of course unlike any other company on earth we offer EVERY variation pro-painted and based.  We do not offer a painted option on the rest of our website (except for the Paint Rack specials) only for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Since these are our own game system we supply every miniature in this scroll of pages with a base included in the price.  Bases that match the sizes for those miniatures in play.  So.  Easier to find, better to navigate, buy it painted or unpainted and total choice of code sizes with a saving for bigger choices.

High Fantasy – Project Darkhelm
While I will say more about Project Darkhelm in future blog posts for now I will tell you all the following.  Alternative Armies has not featured its classic 28mm high fantasy on the world stage for more than a decade and that is going to change. Hundreds of miniatures designed in the 1990's by the top designers in the industry at that time, names that went on to work for the biggest around on their way up.  If you got into wargaming fantasy back then you would have found our packs in every gaming shop in Britain and hundreds abroad too.  We are going to bring them back and more than that we are going to add to them too with more new designs by new talent and some you know of too. New rubber molds same great miniatures. There is a whole scroll of pages dedicated to High Fantasy that will feature Alternative Armies codes and those formally of Tabletop Games including The Barbarians and guild room scenic sets like The Torture Chamber dating from the 1980's and newly re-molded.

Grinning Skull Miniatures
Will Grundy is a man with a wild imagination so much so that we got together with him to create Grinning Skull Miniatures which now has its home on a page of Alternative Armies website.  Here you will find his fever dreams made miniature reality including space aliens and mutants and of course the Oggum.  Great for 25mm/28mm wargaming plus 15mm scale too if you want them big these miniatures ain't like anyone else’s. Visit Grinning Skull for great prices and special offers too.

New Postage Options and Paypal
We have a new postage pricing system along with this new website and we are trying it out.  A blanket price for worldwide standard shipping of just 5.00GBP on all orders or its free with over 75.00GBP of product in the cart.  A second level of postage, that of signed for is also available with a flat charge of 10.00GBP for any order value in cart.  While we may not keep this new system as it is just now we are trying it out.   We accept Paypal for all orders as we did before.  You can get our full terms from this page on the website.

The Paint Rack
Alternative Armies supplies many thousands of pro-painted miniatures to hundreds of happy and returning customers.  We aim to offer high quality acrylic paints suitable for use with all manner of wargaming miniatures and kits from white metal to resin and plastic along with terrain piece creation.  The Pebeo Studio collection.  We use these paints, inks and medium in our own studio painting and offer them to you as well. Excellent pricing and true artist paints that will make your miniatures into small works of fighting art.  Have a look.

Deals and Offers
Everyone loves a deal, adores an offer and who are we to disagree with that?  To this end we have a new dedicated page on our website for just such things.  We will be making regular offers and they will appear there.  A lot of these will be surprises sprung so bookmark the page or sign up for our mailing list; the link for it is on the bottom left of our home page.

Information Page
A new page on the Alternative Armies website.  Here you will find some useful information that will help you get started with us, to talk to us, to get to know what we are about as a wargaming company.  Read it for information about our free resources, favourite links, conventions and worldwide agents and what to do if you wish to ask us a question.

So in conclusion if you think I have missed something let me know below and thank you for all your orders, your loyalty and here is to the future of one of the most respected companies in the wargaming world.  We will have more blog posts in the coming days so look for them when they arrive or...if you are looking at this when its become old news then check them out anyway.  They will be worth the read.

Gavin Syme (GBS)

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