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Friday, 27 June 2014

Dampf's modelling page: Legion Irlandaise project complete!

The Legion Irlandaise!
Congratulations to Tony Harwood on completing his June 2014 online build for his personal Flintloque collection.  I have been watching the eight parts of this online build since it kicked off at the start of the month.  Tony teased us all by having members of the Notables Yahoo Group try and guess which Valonian regiment he was converting and painting.  I had an idea and was proved almost correct.  A Ferach allied Guinalean Bog Orc regiment, one which he named Legion Irlandaise.

A beginning on the 4th of June - Part One
Part Two sees more conversions and work and upto seven models now!
The Seven as converted for Part Three
There are eight parts in this series and I have placed links to each below.  I suggest you begin with the first and then go on from there to the last.  If you are keen only on conversions or only on painting then there is a lot to see:

There was an eighth figure added in part seven which I think was a great idea. There is a rumour that another online build will be undertaken in July...happy modelling Tony.



  1. Thanks for the comments Gavin.


    1. My pleasure Tony. Well deserved. Keep up the good work.