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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Dampf's modelling page: 3o Bella Manicotti project complete!

Tony Harwood has completed another monthly pledge promise to paint up and complete a Flintloque section of soldiers for his collection.  This month it was the first limited edition unit code LEU01 The 3o Bella Manicotti sculpted by Rob Alderman.  It is one of our limited editions.  You can find the final part of the blog post series HERE where Tony explains the above photo and the terrain in it.

Tony supplemented the miniatures he had with an officer Toad from the 56505 Todoroni Militia code with miniatures being cleaned up and mounted onto 2p coins. The bases were built up with Milliput Fine White epoxy filler.  Go HERE for the first part of the series and then go from there for the other four posts down the right hand side.

The LEU01 code is long sold out but on occasion Alternative Armies gets a set in trade for our 'swop drawer' so if you are interested in being put on the waiting list for it then send me an email.  I will put you on the list.

Good work Tony!



  1. Thanks for the comments Gavin. I'm glad you enjoyed this latest On-Line Build.


    1. Thanks for your comment Tony. I always enjoyed your talent and your build and your love of Flintloque. I hope many people see and read my post on each month's pledge.