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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Catalucian Dark Elf Division for Slaughterloo

51602 Dark Elf Division
Catalucia the land of the Dark Elves has suffered, really suffered in the Mordredian Wars.  Occupied and annexed by the Ferach Empire and its land fought over again and again as the Army of Albion tries to free it from the Tryant Mordred.  With its regular army in the main part scattered it has fallen to a mass of Guerrillas to fight the little war raiding and robbing the enemy where possible.  Will the scattered might of the Dark Elves be enough to free themselves with Orcish and Goblin aid?

We are in the process of updating some of our Slaughterloo Divisional Army Packs in terms of their images.  While this will take quite a while and will appear at intervals here on our blog we have decided that we will make this a treat for all of you too.  So to that end please read on!

We are offering for the period of one week from today an additional 5% off the boxed division with all miniatures and bases and also off the pro-painted and based division as it appears in the picture.  This price change has been applied on screen and is ON TOP of the 18% off list prices that the division began with.  Excellent!

Here is what is in the 51602 Dark Elf Division.

Line Infantry: 
1 Unit of 20 Dark Elf Guerrillas (51505-U) 
1 Unit of 20 Dark Elf Guerrillas (51505-U) 
1 Unit of 20 Dark Elf Catalucian Line includes Officer (51516-U) 

Light Infantry: 
1 Unit of 12 Dark Elf Light Infantry (51512-U) 

1 Unit of 10 Mounted Dark Elf Guerrilla Cavalry includes Bases (51532-U) 

1 Unit of 6 Dark Elf Artillery Crew includes 2 Limber Horses (51515) 
1 Ferach Cannon includes Limber (59502) 

1 Dark Elf General (51507-E) 
9 Elf Casualties (51030A & B) 

13 Cavalry and 87 Infantry

So if you play Slaughterloo or wish to get all the Dark Elves you will need for many Flintloque sections in the dust of Catalucia have a look at this week long offer.  Right now you get 196.00GBP of white metal 28mm miniatures and resin bases for just 157.70GBP.  Superb!

Thanks for Reading.


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