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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Last Week of Current Offers at Alternative Armies

We have one week or so left on the current month to month set of offers on our products. This is how long you have left from today to take advantage of our Pumpkin and Scary Mask season deals. So set your face to spooky and read on. As always if you would like to suggest something to appear in our next set of deals and offers (these will be Cryptmass Themed) then do email us or comment. We do listen. Read on! 

Here are our current deals and offers. These can all be found on our WEBSITE page. We are focusing on the Undead and to that end we have 15% off the core 55508 Zombie Line codes for Flintloque and Slaughterloo as well as the fantastic 55505 Licantzrop Jagers light infantry Werewolves code also at 15% off. For gunners we have a superb half price offer on the 59503 Undead Artillery Set (three cannons and two limber sets). Just to get on the nerves of the Lady Rosafiend we have 15% off the 5005 Lady Wintermore's Fangs box set of characters with scenarios for Flintloque. Moving more towards fantasy we have a 25% off offer on the PRM01 Headless Horseman cavalry miniature and 25% off the VNT2 Wraith on Pteradon as well. Lastly we have a 25% off offer on a seasonal Erin pack of miniature ER25 The Celtic Half Dead for all your celtic themed Undead needs. Excellent! 

We have a great half price offer on our newly released female Vampyre 55016 Lady Rosafiend. That's right the Lady Rosafiend is 50% off during the current promotional period (1.00GBP rather than 2.00GBP). Cast in one piece white metal and 28mm scale she is suitable for Flintloque and Slaughterloo as well as a whole host of game systems besides. You can read more about her HERE and get her free game stats PDF from HERE. Seductive! 

Thanks for Reading. 


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