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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Gnome Cannon by Tony Harwood

I pick this post up from the talented Tony Harwood over on his own blog.  A lovely little set for Flintloque which he converted and painted up as his November 2014 project.  Three miniatures and a cannon all on the small side.

The cannon is made from many pieces from the 'bitz box' and has a custom base while the miniatures come from different codes.  Looking at them I see from the left: a Halfling gunner with sponger and a Halfing in apron then a Dwarf with sponger.  These are from 57000, 57001 which you can see HERE and also from 54501 Obidiah's Gun HERE.

There are currently no Gnomes in the miniature range and they would be literally the smallest miniatures in the Flintloque game.  We may do some in the future but at present Tony's are a fine stand in.  Actually I see them stacked on top of each other inside a trench coat style.  Ah, the madness of Flintloque eh!

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  1. Hi Gavin,

    I always thought the Dwarf from Obidiah's gun was a Gnome!

    You learn something new every day - I'm pleased you liked this group. I'm sure there are other figure collectors who have some mini's in their own bits-box - figures that could easily be re-modelled into something similar.


    1. Hello Tony. The only gnome character I think there is would be the one in Lady Wintermore's Fangs boxed set but this chap is certainly a Dwarf. I remember the conversation during the creation of that set many years ago. Yes, the bits box is a source is great fun and creation. I always look forward to your creations.


  2. Great job, no doubt, beautiful figures!