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Friday 4 May 2018

Bradley Miniatures 6mm Scifi range now at Alternative Armies

You heard rumours and some of you asked and it has been in the works but now we are delighted to unveil the brand new page for Bradley Miniatures at Alternative Armies.  A superb 6mm scale science fiction range of infantry, walkers, bikes, vehicles great for any game system.  Go HERE or read on for more information.

In agreement with Lawrence Bradley Hitze we have taken over production of the Bradley Range here in Scotland and we have begun with the 6mm science fiction which exists.  We will be handling the 15mm range too and also the new codes resulting from the second successful kickstarter campaign which ended in March.  Details on these will come at the appropriate time.

The Star Legion and Colonial Army are now present in these pack codes.

BR002 Armadillo APC (4 Vehicles)
BR003 Stalker Missile Tank (4 Vehicles) 
BR004 Hunter Battle Tank (4 Vehicles) 
BR005 Nemian Assault Tank (4 Vehicles) 
BR006 Tiger Walker (4 Walkers)
BR007 Jet Grenadier Platoon (30 Infantry)
BR008 Grenadier Platoon (30 Infantry)
BR009 Grenadier Weapons Platoon (30 Infantry) 
BR010 Stormhunter SPG (4 Vehicles)
BR011 Lionsguard Platoon (24 Infantry) 
BR012 Attack Bike Platoon (20 Bikes)
BR013 Gryphon Gravscout (4 Flyers) 
BR014 Trencher APC (4 Vehicles)

Here are larger pictures from the gaming table of the creator of these miniatures.  Click on them to see them full size.  They show almost all the codes from the list above.

If you wish to get trade terms for your brick and mortar store or online store please contact Alternative Armies on for our terms.

Go HERE for the range.

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  1. Hi great news, will be looking forward to the 15mm and 6mm ranges.

  2. Thanks. The existing 6mm range is online now and the 15mm will follow. The next wave of 6mm will come when it is ready. GBS

  3. Will the unlocked stretch goal models from the second Kickstarter be released alongside the basic models from that KS?

    Also will Shapeways models like the Chariot IFV and the Pilgrim T-101 get a store release?

    1. Models from the kickstarter campaign which were backed and funded will be in the store upon general release. Designs which were not in it will be the choice of Bradley Miniatures and you must ask them directly as we release confirmed codes only. GBS