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Tuesday 8 May 2018

Talking About Games reviews our Abandoned Beer Wagon

Now on Youtube a brand new five minute in depth review of our 28mm scenic piece 59523 Abandoned Beer Wagon from Talking About Games (TAG) channel. Abraham is a keen wargamer and though we provided the model to him to review his review is impartial and we have no control or influence upon it. Go HERE for our scenic range or watch the video in this article. Thanks! 

TAG channel are using their Abandoned Beer Wagon for terrain to play Flintloque, namely the beginners box set 5024 Escape from the Dark Czar, but you can use the wagon for any horse and musket or fantasy etc setting in your tabletop games. We have a range of terrain including barrels, boxes, campfire, campaign table, corpse pile and abandoned goods wagon too. 

Every week Alternative Armies has two week long offers which are 10% off every code in two entire collections of our website. Every pack, unit, box, book and so on in the collection is ten percent cheaper than its normal price for seven days. It changes every week at midnight GMT Sunday so it is well worth a look to see what we have on offer from our vast choice. Go HERE

This Week our Digital Downloads, paid for PDF's of our rule books, are on offer and our 28mm high fantasy range of Crystal Elves

We will be back later this week with a Uniformation free article for the new 56520 Joccian Light Infantry for Flintloque. 

Thanks for your time. 


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