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Tuesday 15 October 2019

HOT126 Savage Werewolves released!

“Cursed by a bite.  Cursed upon the full moon by a man as monster.  Now the hunger is in you.  Your time will come as luna rises.  Your name is Werewolf!”

A new pack this month in the HOT 15mm Fantasy range for October 2019.  Though released as a fantasy code it is equally at home in a modern or historical or science fiction game in 15mm scale.  Werewolves ready for the hunt!

HOT126 Savage Werewolves
This pack contains ten metal 15mm scale miniatures in a mix of four poses.  Werewolves the howling at the moon creatures which burst forth monthly from their human forms to bring bloody fury upon enemies and friends alike.  As with all HOT codes you can chose from a pack or select a sampler which composes one of each pose from this pack.  Ideal for skirmish gaming.  They are 15mm tall to the eye line making them a bit larger than Human typical height as is only proper.  Go HERE.

Werewolves are excellent hunters, lurkers and fast attackers for your army..but what of the other night time fights?

The legions of the Living Dead!  We have many packs of infantry and cavalry and artillery in the form of Skeletons, Zombies, Wraiths and Ghosts.

Dungeon Scenics in 15mm scale.  Including Dem Bones as well as other packs of treasure and all manner of things for your gaming table.

The mighty monsters of war!  Such as the fearsome Ghoul Dragon these can add some weight to your forces.

Lastly our new Werewolves have cousins in The Ion Age in the form of the Beotans allies of the Shia Khan Empire.  If you want your lycanthropes armed to the..err..teeth..then these are for you!

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