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Monday 14 October 2019

Paddling with Pigs a Slaughterloo battle report from the USA

It is my pleasure to present to to you a brief battle report with images from the United States of America.  A game of Slaughterloo featuring the Dogmen of Pudigrochumsberg and the Dwarves of the Von Rotte Legion. Based on a scenario from the free army booklet for these forces the two players were Bob McAlister and Mike Messenger both long time players of Slaughterloo.  Read on for more and click on the composite images to enlarge them.  Thanks. GBS

Paddling with Pigs

"Those Pummilig Pigs..I wonder if they would be tasty in sausage form with morning tea?"

Taking inspiration from the Uniformation article for the Dogmen of Pudigrochumsberg which deals with the Silage War the 'Paddling with Pigs' scenario was upscaled to Slaughterloo and put on the table.  You can download this article by clicking through to their page above on the website.  The players expanded upon the text given.

The short and vicious Silage War.
The War of Silage was a minor part of the Bier Wars but it saw two small but professional armies go toe to toe and featured three major battles and dozens of skirmishes which set the soldiers of Pudigrochumsberg in good stead for the coming war against Ostaria and its murdering lunatic leader the Emperior Klaffenhund.

So playing out The War of Silage in Flintloque and Slaughterloo as part of the Dwarf Bier Wars. It is the goal of the Baron Von Rotte to capture the city of Saltzbark and thereby King Bonio to make the king wear the pink dress and to throw him in the pig pen. To that end a chain of scenarios can be assembled building towards this goal. I do hope to get at least some of these scenarios ready and published for free in the future.

The first scenario in the chain currently titled 'Paddling with Pigs'. This scenario sees a border incursion by Hussar light cavalry against an outpost of Line infantry with the aim of preventing the Dwarves from crossing the river until a rider dispatched to battalion can bring some Dogman cavalry forward to assist the Pudigroan.

The scenario was fought with two divisions using the standard rules of Slaughterloo.  Above you can see the set up of the table on a six by four layout with the stream running cross the middle and a bridge which will be the focal point of the scenario.

The two armies are set up and play begins.  Which units featured in each division?

Von Rotte Legion
52501 Krautian Uhlan lancers (10) used as the Hussars, since the riders had too much ale and fell off their pigs and had to be re-glued.
52503 Von Rotte Line Grenadiers (20)
52514 Von Rotte Line (20)
52504 Dwarf Landwehr (20)
52521 Von Rotte light infantry (12)
52519 Von Rotte cuirassiers (10)
LE042 Frederic Von Rotte (General)

56589 Pudigroan Line (20)
56589 Pudigroan Line (20)
56588 Rache Carabiniers (12) 
56587 Officers (2)
56590 Pudigroan Foot Artillery 
56592 Cruellest Deville Cuirassiers (10) 
LE046 King Bonio as an observer.

It was decided that we could bring on a total of six units out of the DAPS (Divisional Army Packs).

The two armies advance upon the bridge but with its nearer start and cavalry lead the Dwarves reach it first!

Von Rotte Cuirassiers thunder across the bridge with supporting musketry from the infantry.  The Dogmen form up on the opposite bank to meet their charge!

Amid the flash of swords the Von Rotte are broken and have to fall back across the bridge leaving the way open for the Dogmen to make the advance.  A 12lb cannon has been brought up to the edge of the stream and loaded with grapeshotte...

King Bonio looks on proudly as his orange coated infantry begin the march under the volleys of the Dwarf Militia and Von Rotte Line.  The game progresses and the Dogmen take the opposite bank and defeat the Legion!

Thank you to Bob McAlister and Mike Messenger for taking the time to shoot these pictures and provide core details of the game that was played. Good show!

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