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Thursday 3 October 2019

The Orrox released at Alternative Armies

A brand new miniature sculpted by Christian Cuello now added to the SHM Range.  From an alien world or from the gene factories of the future it is a great creature to add to your collection.  Go HERE for SHM with near 100 codes.  The fiction here is written by the can do a lot with an Orrox.

SHM95 Orrox
This one piece metal miniature is great for any game system and works well in several scales being a huge beast in 6mm, a large creature in 15mm and a farm yard sized animal in 28mm scale.  It measures 38mm from end to end and is covered in fur and armour scales.  Hunt it today!  Go HERE.

“That burger you’re eatin’? Orrox. That milkshake you’re swillin’? Orrox. The caravan that brought it here? Orrox. This vest I’m wearin’? Orrox. Yessir, ain’t a thing that can’t be made of orrox. Ain’t no gentler critter this side of the galaxy, neither. Has a temper, though, jus’ like everyone else. And you don’t wanna be ‘round when they sees red… nosir.”
Jeb, Orrux farmer, Xanium 12, Quoketh cluster

Common name: Orrox
Scientific name: Ankyloceras Oropus
Habitat: Alpine tundra to temperate savanna
Diet: Herbivorous
Threat: Varies - mild temperament with occasional territorial/protective behaviour

The Orrox is a large, herbivorous creature adaptable to various climates due to its peculiar anatomy. The Orrox has vestigial armour plates, hypothesised to have origins as defensive plating in earlier stages of its evolution. The plates offer environmental protection to the Orrox from extreme heat and airborne debris, and so they can even survive in more arid climates for moderate periods of time. However, extended desert dwelling is rarely observed without the intervention and care of a handler. The Orrox is typically mild in temperament, and has been domesticated with great success. Ethnographic and archaeological study has revealed that the creatures had coexisted with the primitive inhabitants of their home world from early times. More enterprising races have taken to Orrox farming on numerous planets. It is not unusual to find Orrox meat as a cheap and easily sourced foodstuff alongside synthetic ingredients. The meat of the Orrox is incredibly nutritious, and its fur and armour plates have been utilised in numerous ways in clothing and other accessories. The relative ease of domestication and robustness of this creature also makes it ideal for transportation and travel. Today, as in more primitive times, the Orrox is employed in battle to carry rudimentary artillery pieces and other machines of war.

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