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Monday 23 March 2020

A Retained Knight drawn by Christian Cuello

My good friend and sometimes sculptor and artist Christian Cuello has given me a pleasant surprise with a brand new piece of hand drawn artwork.  Click on it on the blog to enlarge.

Drawn with the stippling effect which used to be common in wargaming artwork in the glory times of the 1980's this picture captures the essence of the armour and determination of the Retained.  Enjoy!  Mr Cuello has a brand new presence on Facebook which you can join and see his art in this style check it out.

Miniatures from The Ion Age ranges come in 15mm Scale and in 28mm Scale.  I believe that this artwork is based on IA017 which is in pack IB05 Retained Esquires a solid core for any force.  It could also be one of the knights from IAF002 Retained Post Beta but I think it is IAF017 for the win!

We have a total of four free blog articles this week before the month ends.  Two are small, one is medium and one is huge!  Covering The Ion Age as well as Sengoku Monster Hunter and USEME as well.  All author and fan created content for your enjoyment.

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  1. Brilliant I recall back in the days before mortgages etc seeing these figures and I said Wow! Then and I still say Wow!

    1. Thank you David. They retain..get it..their original look and charm and are still awesome in the feel as well. GBS