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Tuesday 24 March 2020

Dave Alsager and Commander Murdos 15mm Taranis Tank

It is my great pleasure to present to all the 15mm science fiction fans out there Dave Alsager (player of Patrol Angis and collector of Ion Age miniatures) take on the special Commander Murdo's Taranis main battle tank.  Thanks to Dave for permission and if you click the images on the blog they will enlarge.

“I painted the tank to be of the Gryllus Company, which is entry 17 on the poster Uniforms of the Prydian Precinct but it was pointed out to me that the colors were different (brick red, not the orange I used).  So instead I named them the 'Morning Glories' an offshoot of the 'Dusk Knights' my own force as a cavalry division.  Dusk Knights due to the hue of the Chameleon Circuits in their armour and their battle tactics...they strike at dawn or in dim light.”

David Alsager told me what is above and I think his force looks really awesome!  Here is a composite of views of his take on RWP02 Commander Murdo's Taranis Tank.  There are a lot of free files to download including special rules for this tank see them all on this PAGE of the website.

Here are his Dusk Knights.  A varied force composed of course of the mighty Taranis Tank as well as Retained Knights, Desteria Knights, Grav Bikes and Battlesuits.  

We have more than twenty different mighty Taranis Main Battle Tanks designed by the legendary Bob Naismith which have tracked, wheeled, lifter and anti-gravity propulsions as well as projectile and energy weapon systems and armoured personnel carrier types.  See them all HERE on the website.  Big vehicles for your collection.

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