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Wednesday 25 March 2020

Free Slaughterloo mass battle files updated to download now

Fans of the World of Valon who have progressed from skirmishing with Flintloque in the mass battle fun that is Slaughterloo have a treat now with an updated file of free download aids for the game.  These aids assist when printed out giving you the cards for your Generals and your Commander in Chief along with blank division rosters and Quick Reference Sheet plus optional smoke counters. Following the new character profiles and bolt on rules for Exploring Officers we took the chance to present these aids for 5030 Slaughterloo anew.

There are a total of four free files in this blog post and we start with a round up of this months new releases suited to Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Black Blob Crowfoot, the Major of the 45th Regiment and the Orc Exploring Officer all came out with new foot versions and uniformation articles with game stats and rules.  

You can download the each for each by clicking below or visiting the website page for the code.

54024 Black Blob Crowfoot – Click HERE to download.
54025 Major 45th Regiment – Click HERE to download.
54026 Exploring Officer – Click HERE to download article for such officers of all nations.

Slaughterloo Free Game Aids
The 5030 Slaughterloo free files for play including General and C-In-C cards plus blank division roster, smoke counters, quick reference all in one zipped folder to download.  Click HERE for the file.  Go HERE to visit the website where you can get the mighty 168 page book in print or as a digital download at 20% less than print.  There are also divisional army packs (DAP) for each army containing many units of 28mm miniatures with a saving of 15% off single prices plus free worldwide standard shipping too.

All the miniatures used in Slaughterloo are used in Flintloque too and typically you will Begin in Flintloque and build up your skirmish sections into units and then over time proceed to the mass battle game.

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