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Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Free full Flintloque Scenario: Ride them Down!

Following up on the release of the Albion Orc cavalry in the codes for the new 2nd Heavy Dragoons it is our pleasure to present to you a full size free Flintloque scenario featuring these figures and others.  The link to download the scenario is in this article and you can find the miniatures in the Army of Greate Britorcn HERE.

While this scenario features Orcs and Elves it can be played with any other cavalry and is a type of scenario I call 'Rolling Pursuit' which has been used many times at conventions and in stores since the 90's.  Meant for two players it works perfectly well in solo play too with the silent player rules found in every Flintloque game book.

Ride them Down!
A patrol of the 2nd Heavy Dragoons is out amid the dust of a hot Catalucian day looking for the enemy.  They expect a few straggling deserters or an enemy patrol ready to skirmish but instead they are found by hundreds of advancing Elf Dragoons!  Can the Orcs outride the foe or will they be caught and killed?  Find out in this special full sized three page 'Pursuit' scenario.  Play solo or two players.  Each turn more Elves arrive and those left behind as the table moves will be lost.  CLICK HERE to download from our website storage.  There are hundreds of articles on our FREE DOWNLOADS page for you to browse as well.  Enjoy!

You can see 54523 2nd Heavy Dragoons HERE and read more about them on our BLOG

The Ferach Elf Line Dragoons are Armorican light cavalry armed with swords and carbines. The most modular miniatures ever created by Alternative Armies with both riders and horses possible in dozens of poses.  See them HERE and on their page is a free download with game mechanics uniforms and more.

We have now made all of our World of Valon releases and free news and articles for the month.

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