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Friday, 24 April 2020

Jigoku the Giant Oni 100mm tall now in the Kitton Range

Jigoku is a legend.  A terrible and feared legend among the Kitoka for though almost all Oni are larger than they are Jigoka is the largest of all.  The ground shakes as this giant monster walks and it swings its Kanabo levelling bridges and buildings with ease.  Only the greatest Samurai will face the lord of destruction!

One of the largest models in Alternative Armies array of thousands of miniatures is now here.  The Kitoka of the island of Kitton face Oni all the time as they fight the strange monsters and also each other. But, among the Oni there is one whose name strikes fear into the bravest of Catfolk. A giant.  You can see the entire range of 28mm scale Japanese style Catmen and Catfolk HERE or read on for more information.

58020 Jigoku the Giant Oni 
This code contains one very large and highly detailed resin kit model.  When assembled this Giant Oni stands about 100mm tall and as a small degree of pose choice as well.  It carries a Kanabo Spiked Club (90mm long from end to end). Ideal for any 28mm scale game system and with our Kitton miniatures.  Composed of six pieces this model is easy to put together and is durable as it is meant for tabletop use.  Go HERE.

Shown for scale with 58009B Ronin for scale only and not supplied.  Shown on a 50mm square base which is not included.  Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

The Kitton range continues to expand each month and now contains more than thirty different poses of fantastic Catfolk in a Japanese style.  Ronin and well as Villagers plus Ashigaru and Samurai with swords, spears and bladed spears.  You can choose from packs or single poses within the packs.  We are working on a lighter version of the Flintloque 3rd edition game for these miniature which should be happening later in 2020.

This is the last release in the mighty March to War month at Alternative Armies.  It has been a roller coaster of a month for many reasons and as it draws towards a close we want to thank you for your support and hope that all if you have a safe and healthy year.

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