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Sunday 19 April 2020

Timmy at Wargame News blog new RifleOrc collection

I was kindly send some pictures of a recent acquisition to the Flintloque collection of a good friend of mine Timmy who runs the excellent Wargame News and Terrain blog.  A great source of wargaming news and articles you can find it HERE.  Timmy managed to get his hands on some Rifle Orcs of the 105th Foot which is an elite force in game terms and the home regiment of Captain Sharke and Colonel Oswold Pebblekettle.  I present these pictures to you Flintloque fans for enjoyment as well as a wee expansion in options on some of the codes they come from.

There are no light troops who blend training and equipment into a deadlier combination than Albion’s green-jacketed Rifle Orcs. These Light Infantry are in a class of their own, and cause chaos and confusion among their enemies on the field of battle. Shifting these characters out of strongly defended positions is nigh on impossible, and few would dare to go against them in rough terrain. The structure of the 105th Foote’s two Light Troop battalions is as follows. Each battalion contains eight hundred Orcs at full muster and has ten companies all of which are designated as light troops. Each company has eighty soldiers which are separated into two Platoons and a headquarters element totaling about forty soldiers and officers. A Section has ten to fifteen soldiers including an Officer, a lesser Officer, a couple of Sergeants, a musician and standard bearer, the rest being Rifleorcs (Privates). The Orc Rifles are armed with Orcish Bakur Rifles. Their uniform consists of a dark green tunic, dark green breeches, a black shako with a green plume, and black shoes. Cuffs, collars, shoulder straps and turnbacks are black, piped in white. Equipment and equipment straps are black leather.  Taken from 5025 War in Catalucia.

Just click on the images in this blog article to make them much larger.  The painting is lovely on these miniatures and every figure has some little touches that bring it right to life.  From the names stencilled on the rear of each base to the choice of skin tones for every Orc.  The miniatures come from several codes these being 5001O Sharkes Rifles, 5104 105th Rifles Box Set and the long sold out LE004 Moore, Deerness and Im.

The Alternative Armies website is simply huge and despite many hours work a week upon it by myself there is always more to do.  In response to this article we have now added options to buy the original Rifleorcs are singles as well as the 105th Rifles box set single pose and character options if you fancy some miniatures to add to your collection.  Sadly the Limited Edition, LE004 is sold out but we operate something called 'The Swop Drawer' which is an actual drawer at my desk which contains traded in sold out limited codes.  These come from defuct stores, personal trades, bidding sites and conventions and what I have changes monthly.  If you want to know what is currently in the drawer please email and it helps if you state which codes you are after.  First come first served.

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