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Tuesday 12 April 2022

5002 Deadloque painted and Flintloque 3rd ed free character profiles PDF

Last month the re-mastered and expanded classic 1998 Deadloque set of miniatures was released at Alternative Armies following a lot of Flintloque players asking about its status. A lot of happiness resulted and now that Colonel Gerard and the others are winging their way around the world we have a few more treats for you. 
We present the 5002 set of miniatures painted with larger and clearer pictures and we present a free article to download giving you 3rd edition character profiles for 5026 Death in the Snow. Lastly we have updated the pictures of the re-mastered 55008 Zombie Line and 55003 1st Graviski Line too. Go HERE for the Undead of the Witchlands. 
5002 Deadloque Miniatures Set (17 Poses and as Singles): Gerard and his Elves have been separated from the main body of the retreating 1er Armee du Norde and now find themselves battling for their lives against a group of Undead led by the ruthless Vampyre Officer Grigori Dracsul. Dracsul has sworn to kill Gerard and his Elves. The Vampyre and his minions search the tundra of the Witchlands in an effort to find them. The original sixteen miniatures plus an alternate pose of Armond DeGalis with pistol drawn making seventeen miniatures. A set with saving or any of them as single miniatures.
5002 Deadloque into 5026 Death in the Snow: A free four page PDF which you can download from our server by CLICKING HERE. Character profiles and more bringing the Elves and Undead up to date for Flintloque rules. Lots of lovely pictures too. You can find many more resources on our FREE DOWNLOADS page for Flintloque and other game systems. Enjoy! 

55508 Zombie Line Infantry: This core set of miniatures gives you additional Zombies with Muskets for your games. A pack of eight it also can be had as single miniatures by selecting any pose on screen and as a unit with saving including command poses for a total of twenty eight miniatures. Includes free bases.

55003 1st Graviski Infantry: A classic blister pack remastered which provides a choice of four or single worn Zombies which fit right in with those in 5002 and 55508. Includes a Zombie armed with an Axe.
If you are keen on playing Flintloque in the frozen wastes of the Witchlands then there are two primary ways into the game. 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners set gives you core rules as well as ten resin miniatures which bolt straight onto any other Elf and Undead codes for Flintloque. If you wish to get the full game book 5026 Death in the Snow it can be had in print or as a digital download as well as a Shilling Starter Pack (SSP02) which includes six Elf Carabinier elite light infantry and eight Werewolf skirmishers led by a Vampyre. See all of this HERE on the website. 
We hope you enjoyed this article and see you in the flaming ruins of Moskova! 

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