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Tuesday 19 April 2022

New releases in the Ion Age 28mm Science Fiction range

Alternative Armies presents the two hundred seventh, eighth and ninth miniatures in the 28mm space opera Ion Age range.  This range goes along with Firefight 2.0, MOTH and Patrol Angis as well as any generic setting you desire.  Go HERE for the range or HERE for the rule systems.

This time it is a by request 'upscaling' of the heroes of the core Patrol Angis book and a miniature we originally had not intention of releasing but after some tabletop gamers saw it late last year we decided why not.

IB57 Balthazar and Jerome: This pack contains two different 28mm scale power armoured Retained Knights. Balthazar and Jerome work as a close team and are in the senior command structure of the 43rd Knightly Regiment of Prydia. Use them at the head of your Retained Lances.  As with all the packs in the range you can have singles from it or buy three save 10% option on screen.

Pose One - IA206 Balthazar, bare headed, Angis Pistol, Cloak.

Pose Two - IA207 Jerome, bare headed, Angis Rifle, Comm Pad.

Here they are next to the original 15mm versions of the same characters.  You can see them in pack IAF005 in the Ion Age 15mm Miniature Range along with several hundred other Retained, Muster, Planetary Militia, Nobles, Civilians as well as Shia Khan Empire.  Speaking of the Khanate...

IB58 Khanesha of the Styx Legion: Infamous upon the blighted surface of the conquered planet once called Camarthen Prime. In command of her own Ordos of infiltrator Legionaries she uses her twin energy blades to deal death upon any who stand in her way.  The blades in use are like Octa Power Swords and each of them contains an inbuilt Cupid Pistol.  Khanesha is a sadistic killer. This code comprises one metal 28mm scale miniature.  An ideal leader or character for your Legionaries.

As stated every miniature in the range can be had as a single and there are also 'platoon packs' which contain fifteen or sixteen miniatures and have a built in saving giving one or two miniatures in the code for free.

Thank you for your time.


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