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Wednesday, 13 April 2022

55027 Zombie Line Colour Party released for Flintloque

Flintloque week during our Spring Mega Event 2022 has seen some stellar painting, Todoroni Guard coming back, a free article for the Deadloque Set plus new pictures of Zombie Line codes. Now its the new release for Flintloque and Slaughterloo for the month of April! 

A pack many times asked for and now here. A colour party for your Zombie formations in skirmish and mass battle. Go HERE for the Undead of the Witchlands and read on for more. A most useful new code. 
55027 Zombie Line Colour Party: The Zombies of the Witchlands are arrayed in hundreds of regiments and commanded by Liches and Vampyres. Every section of shambling Zombies is accompanied by a pike armed Sergeant a Standard Bearer and a Drummer when pushed into ranks. This pack contains three 28mm scale metal miniatures supplied with bases. These greatcoat wearing Undead fit right in with other codes such as 55508, 55509 and other Zombies from sets such as 5002 Deadloque. Give a colour party to your Zombies. You can choose from the pack or singles from it. 
The new colour party has been automatically included into all Slaughterloo sized Zombie units such as 55508-U Zombie Line and you can see elements of such a unit taking on Gerard's Elves around an Abandoned Beer Wagon and other supplies left behind in the rout of the Grande Armee du Norde. 
If you missed the other articles from this week on our blog then you can see them all on the Flintloque TAG. 5002 Deadloque painted and Flintloque 3rd ed free character profiles PDF, 56540 Cotechina Guarda Todoroni re-mastered, Theworkofshaitan superlative painting of Flintloque miniatures. We hope you have enjoyed all this for the World of Valon. 
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