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Tuesday, 23 August 2022

New Dogmen for Flintloque: Colour Party plus remastered Grenadiers and Chassuers

Huzzah! Alternative Armies presents all of the releases for the World of Valon for this month. Following up on the new colour party for the Dark Elf Line and for the Zombies of the Witchlands we have the same for the Dogmen Grenadiers and Chassuers.  

Greatly asked for and now here three new miniatures plus three remastered packs  (bringing their bases into alignment) which assemble into two big Slaughterloo codes too.  Go to the Dogmen of Ostaria or the Confederation of Finklestein as these figures work for both with a change of uniform.  All poses can be had as packs or single miniatures within them by selection on screen.  So if you have formations of Dogmen already and wish only to gain a number of drummers or standard bearers this can be done with ease.

56132 Gulash Colour Party:  This new pack contains three larger Dogmen which are a Sergeant with Axe, a Drummer and a Standard Bearer who are all bare headed.  These fit right in with 56010, 56011,56012 and are the command element in units of 56513 and 56514 too.

56010 Gulash Command

56011 16th Ostarian Line Grenadiers

56012 16th Ostarian Line Chassuers

The officer and one sergeant from 56010 plus the three miniatures from 56132 form the command element of 56513 Dogmen Grenadiers (56011 troopers) and 56514 Dogmen Chassuers (56012 troopers) and as with all Slaughterloo units there is a built in saving for a full unit and such a unit is also a full Flintloque section too.

You can find the rules for the Dogmen of Empire and Confederation in 5028 Beir and Bones for Flintloque and of course in 5030 Slaughterloo as well.  These Dogmen also accompanied the Emperor Mordred into the Witchlands and can be found fighting the Undead of the Dark Czar.  See 56594 Dogman Witchlands Line for campaign dress poses into which you can put these new miniatures.

If you visit our Begin in Flintloque page you can get started in the game with the 5024 Escape the Dark Czar set.  If you already play then the miniatures in that beginners set slot right into any Ferach Empire and Witchlands force.

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