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Monday, 1 August 2022

Summer Mega Event 2022 until 5th September all information

One of the biggest events of the year at Alternative Armies.  Until 9pm GMT Monday 5th September 2022 you will get 20% off every order automatically at checkout, an array of new releases, a free new Alternia Miniature in every package and more.  Full event details are here for you to read. Go to the WEBSITE and have a browse down to the left hand menu and within them sub-menu’s to see what interests you among our thousands of miniatures, bases, books and more.

20% Off Every Order: Once you have put everything into your cart proceed to checkout. Once there our website automatically deducts twenty percent from the cart total on screen before payment is made.  No code needed. You will see the total reduce on screen.  This discount is automatic and applies to everything on the site AND if the product is already discounted on screen (such as a Slaughterloo Divisional Army Pack and everything in our DEALS AND OFFERS) then this discount is on top!  So for example all DIGITAL BOOKS are 20% less than PRINT BOOKS and you will get a further 20% off them during the event. Note you may not use any other manually entered discount code during the event.

Free Shipping, Shipping Rates and European Small Order Rate: You can see all our prices for shipping on our WEBSITE including flat rates for door to door courier shipping and Free Shipping.  The UK and Europe have a 'small order' reduced shipping rate.  Note you must reach this amount AFTER your discount is applied for the free shipping to come into force. Some large orders will be sent out for free shipping by courier and we will inform you of this by email.

Free In Your Package: We like to give our customers a bit more and this applies also during big events. For this entire year there is a different 28mm scale female 'Alternia' our mascot each month which is totally free. For August it is ALT008 Alternia Beach Huntress and as the event ends you will be able at the start of September get the ninth Alternia for free as well as the event discount.  See all our Alternia's on our WEBSITE present and past.  The free miniature changes on the 1st of each month and we will announce this as it happens.

Over Thirty New Releases:  A great number of new codes have appeared for this event.  All of these new codes are now on our website to purchase. See them all (and everything since years start) in NEW RELEASES as well as on direct links here too.  Note they have all got 'place holder' images and these will be replaced as the event moves along with all new releases getting their own announcement.

UM015 USEME Prohibition Gangsters:  “You Dirty Rat!  You killed ma brudda!”.  Written by Robert McAlister and Steve Rysemus you play as police, gmen, gangsters and more in super simple skirmish adventures in the latest USEME title. See it in PRINT or as a paid DIGITAL DOWNLOAD along with two free scenarios on its page. Play in 15mm or other scales.

6mm Terrain Range:  A new part of our website where an entire array of Arid World buildings can be found.  Over thirty choices of singles plus bundles with built in savings.  Great for a desert planet or here on Earth.

Asgard Classic Fantasy:  Round three of the remastered classic 1980's range is now on the website.  Nine more codes including Oriental Ogres, Oriental Trolls, Giant Slug the Frost Giant and the first Nick Bibby sculpts with the Dragon Lizard Mount and Human Rider.  We are working on restoring the entire FM range month by month and there are now over forty restored.

IA212 Banneret Kali Brindle:  Following up on our new Female Retained Knights in 28mm scale for The Ion Age we have a female officer to lead them.

Crystal Outcrops:  Two new pack codes in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range though HOT147 Crystal Outcrops with seven different pieces can be used for any scale from 6mm to 28mm with ease.  For a whole whack on your table with a built in saving there is HOT147B Crystal Outcrop Saver Bundle.  Sculpted by Andy Gorman.

New 15mm Vehicles:  The HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range expands with three variants of a new up armoured APC as well as an anti-gravity Charger APC variant plus a new SFA Core Army with built in saving.  

HOF166A Bulldog Heavy APC Wheeled

HOF166B Bulldog Heavy APC Tracked

HOF166C Bulldog Heavy APC Anti Grav (with Base)

HOF28D Charger MkII Anti Grav APC (with Base)

HOFA01A Security Force Alpha (Core Army Set)

For Flintloque and Slaughterloo remastered and new Dogmen for the Empire of Ostaria and Confederation of Finklestein.  Now there is a full larger Dogman command element along with troopers.  All the pack codes offer single choice. 

56132 Gulash Colour Party (3)

56010 Gulash Command (3)

56011 16th Ostarian Grenadiers (3)

56012 16th Ostarian Chassuers (3)

56513 Dogmen Grenadiers (Slaughterloo Unit)

56514 Dogmen Chassuers (Slaughterloo Unit)

We have over eighty Deals and Offers which are value bundles, army packs and such from many ranges well worth a look. From 5% to 50% off. We also have several offers only on during the event.  An Erin Hero, Ganesha Games Worm Rider, Giant Skeleton of Sengoku, all the mighty 15mm Taranis Hover Super Heavy Tank variants and the huge Trolka Line Infantry for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.

"From the very dawn of time, the land existed. Invaded, colonised, deserted, invaded once more, and always fighting against the darkness that dwelt in the Northern Seas. The land was rich with Magic, a place for Heroes, Gods and Monsters. This land has been and shall always be Erin. Now sit you down and listen for this tale will fascinate and confound you in equal measure, for what I speak of is no longer vivid life in this world of men...."  Erin our 28mm scale Celtic Mythology Range is unique in the world and is now over 90 single miniatures plus a whole range saver bundle too.

Da Vinci was a fine fellow..that man Cesare Borgia said so!  The classic 15mm Renaissance Range returned to the world and greatly expanded now too.  15th to 17th century with infantry, cavalry, artillery, command and personalities too.  Also buildings, encampments and Da Vinci's Tank! 

The true 15mm scale Brickdust Napoleonic Range returned to the world by Alternative Armies.  Over 400 poses and all major nations plus rocket troops, wagons, partizans, naval landing party and more.  Great for any game system.  Excellent value. 

We accept many forms of payment through our website such as Paypal and Credit Cards plus Google Pay and Apple Pay.  If you would like to speak to us about an order or you have a question please make contact on or go to our Facebook Group or MeWe page or our Forum.

Thank you for reading and enjoy!


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