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Tuesday 17 January 2023

54058 Albion Orc Duellists released for En Garde and Flintloque

Now released a new pack suitable for use in skirmish games alongside the Orcs of Albion or as duellists in the new En Garde game rules. This is our sole release for the World of Valon this month. 
54058 Albion Orc Duellists: Three 28mm metal Orcs armed with pistols and sword dressed in uniform or plain shirt. You can get them as a pack or as single poses within it on the page. Fit them into your forces. 
A unique game which is self contained and can be had in print and as a paid digital download En Garde! Create a character, join a school of sword play, set your arena and take up sword or pistol against an opponent. There is much more too. Look to the website to learn more. While En Garde is set during the end days of the Crystal Empire of the Elves you can use duellists of any 'human sized' fantasy range (heck even Humans if you wish) with the rules with no adaption. Perhaps a couple of Orcs are touring the city of Lyonesse and cause some offence? 
If you would like to get started in Flintloque the black powder fantasy skirmish game then seek out 5024 Escape the Dark Czar for a beginners set. Can General Saindoux and his fleeing survivors escape the Zombies of the Dark Czar? A complete way into the game which can be expanded from there. Lots of free resources to read as well on the page. 
If you missed recent Flintloque releases, news and free scenarios then seek out our BLOG (a refined search only for Flintloque articles) and see the new Dogmen of Ostaria as well as Elf Duellists, a Todoroni limited edition and a great free solo play scenario called 'Hobby Horse Fort'. 
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