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Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Lionsguard Power Armour 6mm new for Bradley Miniatures

The Bradley Miniatures 6mm scale science fiction range has expanded with the addition of a second trooper sprue following the  recent command element for the Lionsguard.  This was a new code most requested by message to Alternative Armies and as with other ranges we produce it has now happened!  See the whole range on our website and every code is a pack and single from it on its page.  There are now three codes of super heavy armoured infantry.

BR039 Lionsguard Power Armour II

Star Legion Troops.  Choose from a Platoon of 25 or a Sprue of 5. Metal Infantry.  Super Heavy Powered Armour.  Lionsguard Troopers (2 per sprue), Lionsguard Close Combat (2 per sprue) and Lionguard Gunner with Beamer Cannon (1 per sprue).  Supplied in sprues of five. (9mm tall).

BR038 Lionsguard Power Armour Command

Star Legion Command. Choose from a Platoon of 25 or a Sprue of 5. Metal Infantry.  Super Heavy Powered Armour.  Lionsguard Command as follows at the rate of 1 each per sprue of five.  Trooper with Melee Claws (A), Standard Bearer with standard and pistol (B), Officer with Sword and Pistol (C), Trooper with Flamer (D), Trooper with Gauss Cannon (E). Supplied in sprues of five. (Each Figure 9mm tall) or now single pose chosen on the page. 

BR011 Lionsguard Power Armour shown here and there are the more typical troops of the Grenadiers (BR007,BR008 shown above, BR009) when you want to field infantry in 6mm scale.

The Bradley range has many different vehicles including tanks, apcs, walkers, armoured cars, super heavy tanks, towed artillery plus bikes as well as cargo transporters and scout cars.  There is also the mighty Sekmet Assault Rigs titanic mecha and the Corvo Dropship which is ideal for planetary landings.

6mm Terrain Range.  If you wish to populate a desert world or an arid land here on Earth then have a look at this range with twenty eight building options and also some saver bundles too.

USEME 6mm Science Fiction rules written by Vic Dobson.  Great fun and very easy to learn and generic rules set.  In print and as paid digital download too.

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