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Saturday, 4 February 2023

Wolfliche paints 15mm Laserburn aliens

Shared with kind permission and taken from Instagram the painter Wolfliche has his collection of Laserburn Aliens in 15mm scale.

A crew of vile space pirates. They are from left to right:

GA6 Rock Alien

GA8b Smat Raider in power armor

GA5 Zodite

GA4 Furback

GA8a Smat Raider

GA10 Shantek Cyborg with Sun Gun

You can find all of these on the website in page four of the Laserburn and Asgard range.  Very different aliens for your games.

Close up of the Zodite and Furback.

You can also see that Wolfliche has some of our 15mm Ion Age Terrain as well as a backdrop to his picture.  From left to right an IAF015 Hab Dome, an IAF064B Storage Geo Shelter and a IAF015J Smashed Hab Dome.  These go excellently with Laserburn.

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