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Thursday 14 September 2023

Over 40 new 15mm miniatures released Furioso English Civil War

Historical month builds at Alternative Armies with over 40...yes 40 new additions to our huge 15mm Renaissance Range.  There are now over 300 different miniatures for 15th to 17th century!

These are not in the 16th Century part of the range but rather the 17th Century and are for the English Civil War to go with any system including the upcoming third Furioso title by Steve Danes.  See our BLOG if you missed that news the start of this month.

All of the new miniatures were sculpted by Sam Croes (our lead designer and creates our 15mm Ion Age range as well) including three pike, twelve musket, three halberd as well as four command for infantry, four artillery crew, three riders, three dragoons, three lobster cuirassiers and three pistoller cavalry. There is also cavalry command plus a Royalist and a Parliament brigade commander to lead. Variety of head gear and pose gives variety to your troops.

It is not possible to show you all of these miniatures close up here but proceed to the website and you will find pictures both front and rear of every code.  As with the rest of the range every miniature is a single except for command and artillery four figure sets (which you can choose singles from if you wish too). 

Following the release of the brand new 15mm Brick or Stone scatter terrain last week we wish to remind that the MRS8 Broken Arch is free and automatically included in every shipped order this month.  You need do nothing but order and when your package leaves us the Arch will be included.  It along with the other pieces are on the website.

Lastly until the middle of October both the 16th century range and the 17th century ranges have 20% automatically off them (discount will appear on screen during checkout) and that includes all miniatures, the books, army sets, terrain; everything.

Thank you for your attention.

GBS (Gavin Syme – Creative Manager)

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