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Friday 1 September 2023

Furioso ECW Month is here and free new 15mm Broken Arch in all orders

“England was an arch bolstered strong by Kingly divinity. Seldom had gentlefolk thought it to be otherwise but in the King’s cruel acts upon Parliament the notion of sovereignty awoke.  England stood in fire and in smoke of battle; countrymen fought each other and in those actions the arch weakened and like England broke.”

September and into October is 15mm historical month which will see not only the release of the anticipated Furioso English Civil War rules but also a massive English expansion to our 17th century range to go with it.  On top of this we have twenty percent off auto at checkout on both our 16th Century Range and our 17th Century Range (no code needed and discount appears on screen during checkout) and brand new 15mm scale terrain releases including the Broken Arch a two piece code which is free in all shipped orders until 17th October.  Here are the details.

Free in your order, as many orders as you wish; the only condition being that the order is shipped out by us until month change on 17th October 2023 as a package (no digital download orders only sorry!). MRS8 Broken Arch contains two different 15mm scale resin pieces which can be painted as brick or as stone for your table.  Useful in many settings from horse and musket to pike block and fantasy too.

The third book in the Furioso series of wargaming rules by Steve Danes will release late in October with an offer in print (20% off as with the rest of the 17th century range) and two ready made armies each with free element bases.  At that time we will ship out pre-orders (any order with the book in it) and release Furioso English Civil War as a paid digital download too. 

The 17th Century 15mm miniature range has expanded massively with the following forty new metal miniatures in support of Furioso English Civil War.  Every miniature is a single code or a small set (Command, Artillery) and features infantry, cavalry, artillery and command. 

MR140 English Pike 17thC

MR141 English Pike Middle Rank 17thC

MR142 English Pike Front Rank 17thC

MR143 English Musket March 17thC Wide Hat 

MR144 English Musket March 17thC Hat

MR145 English Musket March 17thC Pot Helmet

MR146 English Musket Loading 17thC Wide Hat

MR147 English Musket Loading 17thC Hat 

MR148 English Musket Loading 17thC Pot Helmet

MR149 English Musket 17thC Wide Hat  

MR150 English Musket 17thC Hat 

MR151 English Musket 17thC Pot Helmet

MR152 English Musket Firing 17thC Wide Hat 

MR153 English Musket Firing 17thC Hat

MR154 English Musket Firing 17thC Pot Helmet

MR155 English Halberd 17thC Wide Hat

MR156 English Halberd 17thC Hat

MR157 English Halberd 17thC Pot Helmet

MR158 English Foot Command 17thC (4 poses) (Officer, Drummer, Fifer, Standard)

MRX25 English Artillery Crew 17thC (4 poses)

MRC83 English Cavalry Command 17thC (Officer and Standard)

MRC85 English Dragoon Wide Hat 17thC

MRC86 English Dragoon Hat 17thC

MRC87 English Dragoon Pot Helmet 17thC 

MRC88 English Curiassier / Lobster Sword Raised 17thC 

MRC89 English Curiassier / Lobster Sword Ready 17thC 

MRC90 English Curiassier / Lobster Attacking 17thC 

MRC91 English Pistoller Loading 17thC

MRC92 English Pistoller Firing 17thC

MRC93 English Pistoller 17thC. 

MRC94 English Rider Sword Raised 17thC 

MRC95 English Rider Attacking 17thC 

MRC96 English Rider 17thC. 

MRC97 Royalist Brigade Commander.

MRC98 Parliamentarian Brigade Commander 

Our 16th century 15mm range not only features Furioso and Furioso the Italian Wars but also a massive array of infantry, cavalry, artillery, command, personalities, scenics, buildings and more.  We have Da Vinci, Borgia, Machiavelli, Von Frunsberg and the Venetian Ambassador too. Until 17th October everything in this range is 20% off automatically at checkout (no code needed, discount is automatic at checkout on screen) and that includes the Furioso Bundle with two armies and the army packs.

New 15mm Terrain is released!  Adding to the existing Stone Well, Campfire, Log Pile, Cloth Bundles as well as Tents there is the Broken Arch which is free in all shipped orders this month plus other brick or stone style codes plus a value pack containing them all. This terrain features in 16th and 17th century ranges and includes our HOB buildings as singles and a value set.

In other news for September we are currently remolding the classic Tabletop 15mm Fantasy dungeon adventurers and will have new pictures of them as singles and the great skirmish packs too.  The 28mm Ion Age range will see the return of a little known code from the 1990’s which was about the last thing added to the original range...the Perimeter Borg. Our current Deals and Offers will end when the Furioso event does (including HOT35 Giant Hydra) so have a gander there for 5% to 50% off list prices before they change.

Thank you for Reading,

GBS (Gavin Syme – Creative Manager)

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