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Thursday 21 September 2023

September becomes October with Book Delay offers extended and new cover reveal

UPDATE Please refer to this new ARTICLE as the content below is now outdated and partially incorrect.


Due to circumstances beyond the control of Alternative Armies the planned pre-order and release of Furioso English Civil War by Steve Danes has been postponed. Not by a great deal of time but by over two weeks. We have all of our books printed locally here in Scotland and to ensure this we have encountered this delay.  The pre-order will begin later, the release in October and our current free in all shipped orders code (15mm Ruined Arch) will be extended into October as well for fairness. Read on for full details...

The Pre-Order offer on Furioso English Civil War will commence 2nd October 2023 in the 17th Century 15mm Range pages.  Alongside the print book to pre-order will be army packs with free bases, a mega bundle and savings to go with the rules and of course the brand new range of over 40 single ECW miniatures.  The offer is 20% off the book AND all the other codes in the 17th Century Range AND in the 16th Century Range (including other Furioso titles, their digital versions and their army packs and mega bundle) at Checkout (shown on screen then before payment). Originally meant to end 1st October this discount of these ranges will be extended until Thursday 12th October 2023 when the book is released and the digital download version (20% cheaper as are all our digital books) will come out. We will then commence shipping all orders which contained the book and army packs as pre-ordered.  Miniatures only orders will ship as normal at all times.

To be totally fair we now also ‘Extend September 2023’ in terms of the offers on ranges outlined above and in terms of giving you MRS8 Broken Arch totally free in every order shipped out.  This will be until Tuesday 17th October and then the free item will update to another brand new different code.  We have updated our announcements to reflect all this.  This includes the current Deals and Offers array of 5% to 50% off codes which will not change until then too.

We are delighted to show you now the cover for the upcoming Furioso English Civil War created by Sam Croes.  Enjoy!

We apologise for this unavoidable delay but we hope these measures will make up for it and we are sure the wait will be worth it.

GBS (Gavin Syme – Creative Manager)

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