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Thursday 9 May 2024

Classic Asgard Large Rat free in orders until 10th June Plus month news and new deals…

“A scrabbling under the boards, a nibbling at the provisions...some poison or a trap should take care of it.  Well until you actually see the Rat whot’s doing’s the size of a ruddy war dog!”

Until 10th June 2024 Alternative Armies is putting the classic 1980’s Asgard FM6 Range large rat into every order shipped out from us automatically.  The Large Rat can be used in most scales including 28mm and 15mm for your table.  On top of this FM78 Medium Rat (about half the size of FM6) is half price until 10th June as well.  Above you can see FL30 Recene the Hireling encountering the Rat at top of some dungeon stairs.  You need do nothing but order and as long as your order is shipped (no download only orders sorry) then the free miniature will be in it.  You can also order FM6 if you wish and you will still get one free!

Here is a line up of all the Rats in the restored Asgard FM Range sculpted by Nick Bibby and others.  As well as being free FM6 Large Rat is now in the Former Free Codes Collected page where every previous auto included code in orders has a home and due to big production runs a discounted price too.

On the left is MDA31 Cleric from the Tabletop Games 15mm Fantasy Range and on the right FL30 Ruben the Hireling from our 28mm Knights and Footsoldiers Range.  Both giving you the scales showing for the Large and Medium Rats.

Our Deals and Offers Page has been updated!  A new period of discounts from 5% to 50% off regular prices across all of our ranges.  As well as the value packs, army bundles, sets and others always there we have some new things among the 130 choices such as… 56532 Joccian Hussars for Flintloque and Slaughterloo with Unit, Pack and Single choices all 20% off.  By popular request 6mm fans BR012 Grenadier Attack Bikes are 20% off the pack and singles once more. Indech Half Hand Fomorian Druid for Erin Celtic Myth is discounted too.  Western Orc Discipline Master from the Fantasy Warlord range is on an offer.  Sengoku 15mm Japanese Warriors Pack was asked for and its now on a deal.  Lastly IB29 Planetary Militia (Four Pack) in the 28mm Ion Age Range has 20% off it until period end this summer. 

What can you expect in the next month alongside your free Large Rat?  We will have another 15mm Tabletop Games re-mastered and restored Dragon and we hope to have Steve Trickett’s early 1990’s 28mm scale Manticore back on the website too in new molds to join its 15mm sister in the HOT Range.  Following up on the first part of Jes Goodwin’s Orcs we are switching to the start of the long lost Dungeon Adventurers Range which has been lovingly restored.  There will be some updated pictures by our studio and by Studio Maxi and free articles for Flintloque featuring the Large Rat.  

The Ion Age will have game statistics in a full article on Patrol Angis for the Gremlin series of vehicles.  The War Bot II will have a wee related article to the 15mm Star Mercs as well. Plus the second book for Patrol Angis which introduces all manner of vehicles and more Callsign Taranis has sold out its print!  But not to worry a new run is being organised now.

Thanks for your Time!

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