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Thursday 23 May 2024

Spring Bank Holiday Break 2024 a four day break

We have been rather quiet in the last two weeks and that is because the lads and lassies of Alternative Armies have been working flat out.  Fulfilling the orders of the Spring Mega Event to get miniatures and books out across the world to our valued customers. While all but a dozen of these orders have now been dispatched (if you await yours do contact us on and ask for an update) it is time for a deserved wee rest.  The whole company is taking the full four days of the Spring Bank Holiday (in the UK its Friday to Monday) off.  From now until the morning of Tuesday 28th there is an automatic at checkout discount of 20% applied to all orders placed.  An offer to you from us.

The team will commence shipping once more next week with regular releases resuming end of May.  You need do nothing but order and you will get the discount.  Any codes marked ‘sale’ with a discount applied will be further discounted at checkout such as those in our Deals and Offers pages and the Digital Download Books and Slaughterloo Divisional Army Packs.  Visit the website and scan the left hand menu with its drop downs to see all we have in ranges and scales.

Every package shipped will also automatically gain a free FM6 Large Rat in it.  A classic 1980’s Asgard miniature for any scale which has been remastered.  The small rat is also half price as well.  Something for your heroes to fight.  This offer ends 10th June 2024.

Callsign Taranis the big expansion for Patrol Angis is out of print. New print run is being organised and we will announce it once it is ready and on site.  See the huge 15mm Ion Age range for the wars of the Prydian Precinct and the fight against the Khanate Empire.

By request we have new pictures of FL27 Wandering Band and now these miniatures are also five singles plus value pack with small saving.  Added in our 28mm Adventurers and Wizards range.

Lastly we have a handful of the 200 boxed run only NB2 The Dragon by Nick Bibby on our stock shelf.  These came back from a trade account and have been put in fresh boxes.  Once gone they are gone; first come first served.  The four day discount applies here too.  A good time for it.

Thank you for your support and enjoy your weekend!

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