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Thursday 30 May 2024

Dungeon Adventurers 1980’s range restore begins with Dwarfs by Bibby and Goodwin

Those who have been following Alternative Armies for the last seven years or so will know that we are intent on reviving as much of the classic Asgard and Tabletop ranges that we can.  First created and sold in the early 1980’s and sculpted by legends such as Nick Bibby and Jes Goodwin the time has come for the start of the Dungeon Adventurers Range to be restored into production. The natural foes of the Fantasy Monster Range and allies or enemies of the Creatures of Chaos or the Jes Goodwin Asgard Orcs this range covers Dwarfs, Gnomes, Elves, Halflings, Humans and much more.

This very large range contains some ninety poses all in and it is our intent to bring these to you in groups across time.  We begin now.  All the miniatures were painted by the talented Studio Maxi and while shown here in a group they are all as singles on the website.  Here are the codes:

DA1 Dwarf Thief

DA1a Dwarf Fighter

DA2 Dwarf in Platemail

DA3 Dwarf Lord

DA4 Dwarf Cleric

(by Nick Bibby)

DA5 Dwarf Shieldbearer

DA6 Dwarf Crossbowman

DA7v1 Dwarf King

DA8 Dwarf Adventurer

DA9 Dwarf Adventuress

DA10 Dwarf Trader

(by Jes Goodwin)

                                                                   DA7v2 Dwarf King

                                                                   (by Steve Trickett)

Above you can see a couple of these Dungeon Adventurers range Dwarfs alongside the Jes Goodwin 1985 Dwarfs and they work well together.  Codes DA1 to DA4 are larger and DA5 to DA10 are a bit smaller.

Until 10th June 2024 the classic Asgard F6 Large Rat is free automatically in all shipped packages (see it above alongside FM77 Medium Rat which is half price in our Deals and Offers page).  Tunnel fighting beckons!

There is a direct tie in between the Dungeon Adventurers Range in 28mm scale and the Tabletop Games 15mm Fantasy Range with many of the characters mirrored in the smaller scale.

Thank you for reading and for your continued support is keeping the golden age of British Wargaming alive some forty years later.


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