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Friday 5 July 2024

Gremlin Hover Command vehicle 15mm Ion Age released

It was a game of cat and mouse..or rather it was a deadly fight between the vehicle patrols of the Planetary Defence Forces and the dug in Maligs with their heavy weapons. There is little doubt that the patrols would have suffered far greater casualties in pop up ambushes had it not been for the armoured command variants of the Gremlins which gave advantages. Not only in command and control but also in planning and the four Moth rotary cannons each carried were ideal for the twisted hinterlands of the city. Wasteful of fabricated ammunition possibly however the saving of lives always matters more. Over the course of a week the hinterland was cleared and advance into New Gwent could begin proper. The Star Port was a mess and the Khanate would pay. 
Captain Abraham Tull, 48th Planetary Defence Regiment, Northern Sector. 4346 IC. 
Following on the release of the hover variants of the Gremlin family of vehicles back in the spring we present the command variant of the same rounding out the lifters. Above Planetary Militia with a Grima Combat Robot secure a Hab Dome just vacated by a tesseran of Malig Goblinoids. The Gremlin is a family of variants which give Planetary Militia and sometimes Muster added mobility and firepower that out classes the older Adder for weaponry and outpaces the much heavier Mullo classes of transport. 
Four page free Patrol Angis download article covering Adder Combat Tankettes as well as lifter type Hazelwurm and Colabreta Carriers. All the variants of the steadfast Mullo Armoured Fighting Vehicle and most requested all of the variants of the new Gremlin medium vehicles. Go to the WEBSITE or click HERE to get it direct from our server. Formatted as the main book is. 
IAF185D Gremlin ACV Armoured Command Vehicle with command turret and hull turret
The other codes are: 
IAF185A Gremlin AFV Hover with Bodkin AP (and Valerin Laser) plus hull turret 
IAF185B Gremlin MSV Hover with Anda Missile Pods Turret and hull turret 
IAF185C Gremlin APC Hover Personnel Carrier with hull turreet 
If you are new to the 15mm Ion Age range then our suggestion is to begin with the Patrol Angis book or game pack with miniatures, battlesuits and bases with a saving. Once you are ready to progress from infantry level skirmish and want to add vehicles then seek out Callsign Taranis for this. The greatest foe of Humanity is the alien Shia Khan Empire. In the third book of the series The Khanate Return you can add these aliens as well as Grima and Planetary Militia forces to your play in the Camarthen Prime campaign. Books in print and as digital download. 
The 15mm Ion Age Range contains hundreds of miniatures as packs (choose single poses within them) and platoon packs which come with an extra free unique miniature. Added fun! Get Retained Knights, Destria Knights, Muster, Planetary Militia as well as Malig Goblins, Legionaries, Pioneers and much more such as the Xin Precinct shown above. See the ‘Filter By’ box on page to refine your look at the mighty range. 

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