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Monday 10 June 2024

Three burning months of free new Devilish Imps with four free in month one

We are known for giving something in every order shipped out and this summer burns hella free bright! Appreciating the hard earned money you spend with our team so a novel reward. Most of the time a free code will be a brand new thing and last for approx one month before changing. This time we have our first ever MULTIPLE MONTH freebies! From now until the start of September 2024 the new any scale Devilish Imps will be included for free in packages (Four this time, Four next time, Two last time) gradually giving all ten poses across three months.  

Place an order each month to have all ten free by September. Nice!

These four Imps are free in your order automatically no need to add to cart.  As long as your order requires shipping they will be in it.  As many orders as you wish.  You may also purchase additional castings of these single poses on the website if you desire.

From 10th June until 8th July the first four new Devilish Imps will be automatically included in your package in every order shipped. These are VNT53-01 and VNT53-02 and VNT53-03 and VNT53-04 all in the Monsters and Creatures Range. No Digital Download only orders for freebies sorry.  If you wish to see what was previously given check out the Former Free Codes Collected where each of them is shown and has a discount too.

Here you see what is currently free and what is still to come blanked out for Month 2 and Month 3.  We tease but in a month and then another...

Devilish Imps are the smallest of the denizens of a hellscape and they delight in torturing any mortals who fall into their clutches. Summoned by powerful mages and other darker forces they will do the bidding of the powerful. Armed with Spears, Pitchforks and Burning Braziers as well as their bare hands.

Here are the 20mm tall Imps next to 28mm scale Knights and Footsoldiers and 15mm scale Tabletop Miniatures Barbarian.  Imps are useful in loads of settings and scales.

The City of Londinium teems with life some of it civilised some of it rather more savage but below the fetid streets is the undercity; the ruins of Dresda. Little is known of just what is down there in the darkness and tombs but there Wylde Magicke persists and Orcs regularly go missing never to return.  Perhaps an expedition will be undertaken to seek out just what is down there?  Here you see an Elf Duellist with Pistol and a Goblin of the 18th Al-Garvey Foot. 

The new print run of Callsign Taranis is in and back on the website.  News on free rules for Gremlin vehicles in Patrol Angis and free pack of drones with every Taranis Tank soon.

There will be many new releases and news and free content across the summer months of 2024.  We will tell you of these of course but in the meantime see our New Releases page and our Deals and Offers page for what is currently on the go.

Thanks for Reading.

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