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Tuesday 2 July 2024

Elves and Weapon Sprue Pt2 Asgard restoring the Dungeon Adventurers 1980s range

Following on the first part of restoring this venerable range back to the world further Elves of the Dungeon Adventurers along with the well requested Weapons Sprue. Sculptors who worked on this 1980’s range for Asgard included Nick Bibby, Jes Goodwin and Steve Trickett.  We will be getting more of Jes Goodwin’s Orcs back to the world later this summer but for now enjoy!

Fine foes for the Dragon Lizards or forest creatures like the Spiders of the Fantasy Range these Elves round out the first five with four more. This very large range contained some ninety poses all in and it is our intent to bring these back to you in groups across time.  We are now up to twenty two.  All the miniatures were painted by the talented Studio Maxi and all are singles on the website. 

Encountering the Orcs of Asgard the Elves have a foe indeed to overcome. 

One thing asked for many, many times during our restoring efforts was to get DAS83 the Weapons Sprue back in the world.  Happy to say it is now on the website!

Fantasy Warlord. Restored high fantasy range from the 1990’s now with new pictures of 24950 Western Orc Discipline Master. Painted by Studio Maxi. All Fantasy Warlord Characters come with separate weapons or shields. There are infantry packs, weapon sprues and more in the range.

We like to give our customers a treat so there is always something free in every package shipped out by us here in Scotland.  Until July 8th it is part one of our Devilish Imps; four any scale miniatures.  Read about this in the ARTICLE.  Totally free in orders included automatically.

Thank you for reading and for your continued support is keeping the golden age of British Wargaming alive and the metal flowing as it should.

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