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Monday 8 July 2024

Second burning month of three with four further Devilish Imps free

The summer continues to burn hella bright (well unless you are in Scotland where the rain never ceases..very Erin and Fomorian!) and we have now entered month two of three for free Devilish Imps in orders. This second month of our first multiple month free giveaway sees four further poses following upon the first four which are now on the website as normal codes
Visit the BLOG if you wish to see last month. From now until the start of September 2024 the new any scale Devilish Imps will be included for free in packages (Four last time, Four this time, Two last time) gradually giving all ten poses across three months. Place an order each month to have all ten free.
These four Imps are free in your order automatically no need to add to cart. As long as your order requires shipping they will be in it. As many orders as you wish. You may also purchase additional castings of these poses on the website if you desire as singles. From 8th July to 5th August the free codes are VNT53-05 and VNT53-06 and VNT53-07 and VNT53-08. No Digital Download only orders for freebies sorry. If you wish to see what was previously given check out the Former Free Codes Collected where each of them is shown and has a discount too. 
Here you see what is currently free and what is still to come blanked out for Month 3. 

Devilish Imps are the smallest of the denizens of a hellscape and they delight in torturing any mortals who fall into their clutches. Summoned by powerful mages and other darker forces they will do the bidding of the powerful. Armed with Spears, Pitchforks and Burning Braziers as well as their bare hands. 

Here are the 20mm tall Imps next to 28mm scale Knights and Footsoldiers and 15mm scale Tabletop Miniatures Dungeon Adventurers. Imps are useful in loads of settings and scales. 
"When you sign up with a party all you see are riches and glory in store; Sadly not for all. For some the adventure ends in a tunnel or cavern injured with something nasty gnawing at your leg." Our Stricken Adventurer is 50% off

All the News of July


Restored!  Halflings, Gnomes and Cleric Pt3 Dungeon Adventurers 1980’s Range by Asgard. Back in the World. Click for details plus Halfling Walking Party.  Painted by Studio Maxi and some sculpts by Nick Bibby too.

5004 Sharkes Victory (1997) set has been remastered; released with all sixteen miniatures being had as singles now.  Sharke, Harpy, Wheeling-Turn, Daniel La Roo and the rest.  Read ARTICLE for details!

New very limited edition. A fun character for your Orc forces in Flintloque and Slaughterloo sculpted by Nikki Chatwin.  See the article for this news plus more and rules for use in game.

New 28mm Ion Age releases! Propulsion systems for Portable Weapon Platforms.  Following up on the new Retained and Planetary Militia gun teams.  Huge range and choice in over 250 poses.  See the article for details.  Thanks!

New 15mm sci-fi review video from talented French painter and enthusiast Dimitri “Minisocles” Peyrard.  Features our HOF Range with Grey Aliens, Hazmat Team and the Star Mercs.  Click through for the video on our BLOG

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