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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Classic Tabletop 25mm Torture Chamber Sets returning

As part of the process that we have already undertaken bringing Laserburn 15mm and Tabletop Fantasy 15mm as well as Historical 15mm (all on and of course the 28mm Tabletop Barbarians back to the wargaming world Alternative Armies is now moving onto the next stage of this process with the classic Torture Chamber range.  Back in the early 1980's Tabletop Games released a whole series of white metal kits and sets to populate dungeons and battlefields, to build vignettes and populate characters.  This was a very extensive and original idea.  It will take us quite a while to cover all of it but we are beginning with the Torture Chamber series coded TOR.

Alternative Armies has already re-released TOR1 The Whipping Beam set which you can see on our website HERE.  We will be following up fairly regularly with another re-release and in some cases re-molded code until the whole range of some fifteen plus sets is back in the world.  Two things to note.  Firstly we will be starting with TOR2 The Rack in early October.  Secondly this range contains adult themes and nudity among some of the miniatures.  There is nothing wrong with this however we have taken our customers responses into account and we will be placing images of these sets up 'censored' where needed on our blog and social media.  Uncensored images will only feature on our website page for the code.

As a treat we have taken 20% off the online price of TOR1 until the end of the month.  

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