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Friday, 4 September 2015

This Weekend only 20% off 55508 Zombie Line and VNT1 Eternal Guard

We have two great offers for all your wargamers who are into in Flintloque and also High Fantasy wargaming. This weekend between now and 9am GMT Monday 7th September 2015 we have taken twenty percent (20%) off the regular prices of the following two core codes in our ranges on all their options.

55508 Zombie Line 
There are literally countless regiments of Zombie Line in the service of the Dark Czar. They gain from the recently killed and fight their former friends, armed with Muskets and classed as Undead Infantry. A central code for Flintloque and Slaughterloo players who want Undead in their forces Ten different poses giving great variety to your sections and units. We have taken 20% off the prices of the 55508 skirmish pack (10 figures), the 55508U unit pack (28 figures including extra command poses of Vampyre and Liche) and the 55508T Trooper Booster of one random Zombie trooper. 28Mm white metal miniatures supplied with bases. The savings have also been applied to pro-painted and based options. Select from the drop down menu on the product page. Go HERE

VNT1 Eternal Guard 
"We made a mistake when we failed to bury the fallen in deep corpse pits. A mistake that cost us all dear at Black Heart Lake. The army marched past the foul shores of that dead lake expecting to face only the fell lords and their minions. Little did we know that those evil doers had the services of a great Necromancer who had followed us and raised the dead. Corpse pits provide rich fruit and since this fruit had not been buried, only piled with those we had slain it meant that the army of the dead had caught up with us. On two fronts we split and I for my sins survived only by shedding my axe and mail and swimming the slimy waters of the lake. Even now I can hear the screams and the endless creaking and brittle motions of bones ending life. Dead sockets where eyes had once been." 

We have taken 20% off this code containing five different 25mm/28mm white metal miniatures approx 27mm average height. Great quality, great choice and great value too. You can choose a pack or single miniatures from the five poses using the drop down menu on the product page. Go HERE. Poses in this code are as follows: 

VNT1-01: Skeleton with Great Sword and Helmet. 
VNT1-02: Skeleton with Axe and Shield in armour and cloak. 
VNT1-03: Skeleton with Spear and breastplate. 
VNT1-04: Skeleton hacking with Sword. 
VNT1-05: Skeleton with Sword and Shield. 

Enjoy the offers and listen to 'dem bones a rattling'! 

Thanks for Reading. 


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