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Monday 21 September 2015

Free Worldwide Postage and Release Schedule both to 30th September 2015

From now until the end of 30th September 2015 Alternative Armies is offering free postage worldwide on all orders over 10.00GBP product value so if you are a Flintloque fan, a High Fantasy Wargamer, you like Celtic Mythology, Greek Myths and much more all in 28mm scale then we have something for you!  This covers all of our miniatures, resin and metal bases, rulebooks, dice and applies to both unpainted and painted and based miniatures too.  Just choose what you want and add it to your cart and as long as you have at least 10.00GBP of product in the cart you will pay no shipping if you live in the UK, Europe, USA or anywhere else on Earth (sorry we don't yet deliver to Mars).

You need do nothing but add to cart the rest is done for you.  Increase your forces today!

Having now said that I want to say a few more things.  Alternative Armies is a really friendly company as a lot of you know so we have and are adding free miniatures (themed to what was ordered) to ALL orders placed with us seven days ago or less so those customers do not lose out.  As long as the order paid postage free items are added.  Excellent!  See what you got when your box arrives.

Release Schedule. I want to give you the release schedule for Alternative Armies until the end of this month.  This means you can plan your order or orders and know what to expect from us during the free postage period.  Here is the list and all of theses products are online RIGHT NOW so if you are interested you can order them right now while we will be talking about them across the coming week plus.  Follow the links.

28mm High Fantasy
OH13 Goblin Warriors (5)
OH14 Goblin Archers (5)
OH15 Goblin Elite (5)

Flintloque and Slaughterloo
56589 Pudigrochumsberg Line (8)
56589U Pudigrochumsberg Line (20)
56123 Pudigrochumsberg Line Casualties (4)

Blog Articles
Concepting – DH15 Dwarf Runic Golem 
Concepting – Flintloque in Pudigrochumsberg
Croes Nest – Painting the Pudigroan
Croes Nest – OH28 Goblin Charioteer Guard

So there is a lot to see now and to read across the next week plus and all with free shipping too.  Remember we have DEALS and OFFERS too and the free shipping applies to these too.

More on the fantasy OH series Goblins in the next update.

Thanks for Reading,


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