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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

28mm Dwarf Runic Golem Kit Concepting

“The Guild of Spellsmiths and the Guild of Blacksmiths do not often clank tankards of Beir but when they do great things happen.  Imagine said Gumblebeard the greatest of the white wizards what we could do with an axe wielder as large as the common Troll but alas our magics will not take a physical form on the field of battle without intricate preparation.  Such preparation is hard enough without some stinking Gobber trying to cave your skull in.  Tamble 'Blowback' Rustmaker chief of the Guild of Blacksmiths replied to this impassioned speech without spilling a drop of golden hops.  Such a huge warrior would be most welcome and we can hammer and smith our way to clothing him but there is no Dwarf in the realm so big to wear it...  Sparkes of raw mind forging flew from them both and with a resounding clank of tankards they spoke in unison.  Between us we can build it and bind it with magic runes.  A golem will take to the field of battle.  A Dwarf Runic Golem!”

The Alternative Armies studio headed up by our lead designer Sam Croes is working on a brand new addition to our High Fantasy range of 28mm scale miniatures.  Its going to be ready in a few weeks time and now does exist as a prototype model kit however this article is to introduce it and show you the concepting work that went into it.  A Runic Golem is a magic construct of the Dwarfs created by joint effort of their smiths and mages which then obeys simple instructions.  Its not a 'steam and cogs' creation its a magic one in a more traditional Dwarf under mountain stronghold.  

As you can see the Dwarf Runic Golem stands about three times the height of a typical Dwarf warrior (the final model will be about 60mm tall) and is emblazoned with powerful runes all over its metal body.  It has thick steel armour making it a match for any Goblin or Orc and even smaller Trolls toe to toe.  It takes a lot of punishment to break the runes and consign this moving magic suit of armour to its end.  

The form of the Runic Golem is that of a huge dwarven warrior.  Stocky, slightly hunched over and with a head sat directly onto its shoulders it is perfectly capable of fighting out in the open but it is in the caverns and tunnels that the golem comes into its own.  Able to press itself into the tunnels and using twin double headed axes to carve a path along them the golem can rid a hold of Goblins in short order.  

We hope you have enjoyed looking at the concept art for this new 28mm scale kit.

The code of this all resin kit will be DH15 and it will join the other fourteen pack codes and a multitude giving you everything with a saving on the Dwarfish Hosts page of our website in a few weeks time.  We have about sixty five different poses and pieces in the DH series including Dwarfs, Halflings, Gnomes, Artillery, Cavalry and Adventurers.  Great for any fantasy system such as Song of Blades and Heroes. Enjoy!

Thanks for Reading.


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